March is Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) awareness month, so what better time to start a blog describing my journey :))) Difficult to explain my private journey in such a tiny space :)))…. so i invite you to check out my blog anytime…
The TBI FaceBook page contains moving, if not shocking, inspiring stories…My comments there (also posted in blog) are for those children & adults that cannot express their feelings just yet….or ever.

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It has been about 3-years since starting my ordeal, and I could write volumes. The experts do not know what caused all of my post-op neurological issues. Primary theories are 12-hr anesthesia coupled with scar tissue & crushed brain stem… The final phase of the surgery used titanium mesh & fatty tissue from the abdomen to close… so I am literally a ‘metal head ‘…too bad I’m not a fan of heavy metal music though! Recovery has plateaued,… despite ongoing struggles, there is always hope & prayer.

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On a POSITIVE NOTE, SoundCloud not only speaks to my creative self, it fans a creative flame. I have never been so inspired as a social butterfly to draw, tell stories & jokes… To create anything really… Just love the creative process…whether it is drug development, process scale-up, facility development, painting, drawing, basket weaving or whatever… Handmade anything by anyone is awesome and so is continued growth & learning… So I must thank my SC friends for their tremendous inspiration to me on this journey.

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Respect & Hugs, Sue

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DrugstoreCowboy Grew up in NASHVILLE, TN…..public comments on his track below.

sksskh: Faved… This is a roots song for me since I grew up in a holler in southwest VA…. Saved in my profile playlist…thanks for such a nice cover!

commented “@sksskh: It is also one of my favorites… Deeper Than The Holler was very influential in my vocal style, besides Randy Travis is by far my favorite singers of all time.. I’m very glad you enjoyed my version.. My mother always said it was the song she loved hearing me sing the most, so just another reason it is very special to me.. ”
♥Deeper Than the Holler (cover Randy Travis) – SoundCloud

P.S. #2 EXAMPLE Some FAVE artist examples from clouds….

♥Need a Friend – Emma Shanley

♥Crossroads Blues – Robert Johnson – Performed by Bryan Carmody – SoundCloud

♥Mohamed Belaribi – Min Behissi Bik (noirOrion remix)
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from Album: Beginning of 2013 mixes by noirOrion and Friends

♥I’ll never Leave – Rob Watson of North Carolina, SoundCloud


♥Aaron Neville – 1967 Tell It Like It Is (Neville Brothers) w. Greg Allman, Bonnie Raitt

♥The Neville Brothers – Amazing Grace / One Love

Private vs. Public MSG on Corporate vs. Public Platforms

Corporate Platform (Emails)

“Yes, email at work is not private, but that is a company policy. At work is one thing, where many people are working towards the same goal. An email sent by one person on the team may have information other team members need.” Everyone at a job understands their emails may be forwarded, copied, or published.

Public Platform (PM on SC + FB MSG)

On sites like Facebook and SoundCloud, common courtesy instead of corporate policy rules. “There are public posts, which everyone realizes are not private… and personal messages, which everyone assumes to be kept private. If I send you a SoundCloud PM, I don’t expect to find it on a website somewhere. If I had wanted it to be public, I would have posted it as a public comment on one of your posted tracks.”

“The same is true of Facebook. If I want others to read what I write, I will post it on your wall,” my wall, or in public comment. ” If I want to write something for your eyes only, I will send a PM. If I later find my PM on a website, I will be greatly offended and you will have lost my trust. ”

“It would be like me sending you a personal hand written snail mail and you going down and having the local newspaper publish it for the whole city to see.” While posting/sharing PMs may not shed any bad light on the originator, the sender may fear that anything that is sent to you in “PM might end up on the Internet for the world to read, including future employers. ”

Corporate vs. Public Platform Emails/MSGs

My thinking used to be…… I’d never share a confidential FB/SC MSG of a personal nature, but a ‘harmless’ content MSG would be fair game….However, even that is wrong w/o permission from the originator….. cause what I consider to be ‘harmless’ might be info the sender wants kept private from current/future employers or for whatever reason. The idea that an employer or some other party might read something not intended for them is a definite concern. That part never occurred to me…. I used to think as long as the content of a PM was harmless, then it is a non issue who might see it….. However, I get the point above in that a person may share seemingly harmless info in a PM…yet it may be info an originator prefers an employer or whoever not have access to in public…..

So sorry, I did not think of it from that perspective…..and have shared a couple of ‘harmless’ content PMs in blog. I’ve taken down those PMs from the blog and will refrain from ever doing that again….. So, my brainwashing of email courtesies from work failed to include the public view of email such as this on the SC platform. I now understand how one might feel and fully understand the common courtesy convention. My posting/sharing of PMs was wrong… due to my ignorance on the matter. I sincerely apologize to those folks that may have been offended from my sharing/posting a seemingly ‘harmless’ PM.

I am a person of integrity….A biotech leader entrusted, at my boss’s VP level & all levels in the ethical drug making industry, of corporate secrets & confidential matters of all sorts for over 30 years as described by my LinkedIn profile….. And so my previous views of PMs are based on that experience. I now see that the public platforms are very different from corporate. Until recent months, I’d not spent much time on any public platform…. It’s refreshing to know the difference….a relief to know, really.

Cannot believe the idea of not wanting current/future employers to view things did not occur to me. I guess since I’d not used my FB page much, until discovering SC in Dec,…… I spent most daylight hours online with work stuff… So when I’d come home, the last thing I’d want to do was get on the computer….

—•[[[ Unless of course it was to play backgammon, yatzy or poker with online global network of gamers…. awesome stuff…. especially the backgammon, you can play & chat with the best players from Turkey, Iraq, & Iran…. Nearly all games are there (see link below)….even sudoku …I miss those games …as well as the players skill & cultural exchanges in chat. Game link only available on PC ( not on iPad ). Game site is also on FB. ]]]•—

I truly appreciate my cloud friend taking the time to explain this platform distinction so well to me from their point of view. I had reached out via PM request inquiring as to their specific views when I was researching this topic. After a few days passed, another cloud artist friend said they were glad their friend had “warned” me regarding this matter. So, by my PM count in various discussions…. there seemed to be three male & one female artist involved in this gossip ring on cloud.

Sounds to me as if I was the subject of nonsensical inaccurate idle gossip by several insecure men. Interestng, since I’m just a listener, not a musician,… thus I’m not a competitor in the music field. Well, the explanation for this unnecessary whirlwind is simple.

Those gossiping male-hens from sound cloud have said things to me in private that they do not want published. Some have even asked questions of me in public & private where they did not like my answers…. these guys are examples of control freaks that prefer “yes” women. And, if they don’t understand they runaway crying, instead of seeking clarification. Essentially each was accustomed to a certain dinension sandbox, outside of which they could not function. Understandable.

Sorry cloud boys, you did not receive your desired responses from me because I prefer to steer clear of people without a lick of sense. My female friend was frightened by your trash talk regarding this subject. I hope she realizes how wrong you were to tell her such garbage…. for what purpose…do tell… to make youself “sound” better than a listener?!

Now for my common sense “warning” to such gossiper & any other naive persons online:


Governments, employers,& so forth are closely monitoring online info nowadays.

I most definitely don’t want to compromise anyone’s trust.
Be smart. Don’t compromise it yourselves.
Best regards,

Greg’s awesome as always…. Love his sound!!!
♥Gregg Allman – Come And Go Blues