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To everyone… Leaders, Lawmakers & Citizens,

With all due respect,  I beg you to take action toward our country’s poor state of affairs regarding the lack of gun control in America.

☼The USA NEEDS to please stop the idiocy and START GUN CONTROL as a protective measure for citizens. The seemingly challenged wonders in congress can simply follow what was done by lawmakers in Australia as a guide… It took the Port Arthur slaughter by ONE gunman in Tasmania for Australians to put strict gun control in place…as have many other CIVILIZED NATIONS.. . .



….Not a math question guys, only a common sense answer of logic & heart is required.

I am ashamed & embarrassed that the USA is so slow to step up to the plate for citizens on this key issue.

Out of curiosity, I attended a gun show once with my husband in Harrisonburg VA. Both of us felt it was a creepy crowd there with a strange, unhealthy vibe. My husband was not easily freaked out either. He was an extreme sports, fearless person at 6-ft5-in tall that was ex-Australian army with horrific military experience of conflicts in Bosnia. He whole-heartedly supports gun control, as do I.

As a hunter with a varied gun collection, Dad always taught us how to use/handle guns properly. Interestingly, he said “the only purpose for a handgun is to kill people, cause it’s not used to hunt animals.”

At a minimum, handguns need to be banned. Perhaps hunters can keep licensed shotguns, rifles, & muzzle loaders. Personally, I feel ALL should be banned but…. a compromise to ban handguns only would be a great move in the right direction.

☾BTW, I grew up in the country, so I know how hunters ‘love’ their guns… Nevertheless, feel you can ‘love’ them just as much at at a legal gun club & target shoot to your heart’s content there… Where guns are controlled & locked down l…. as I understand is done in Australia….

But you miss the chase, you say?… Then get yourself a foxhound, beagle, or whatever hound dog you prefer…and listen to the chase to your heart’s content, without a gun in tow.  If you feel the need for a placebo to help wean yourself, then take along a walking stick & camera.

Need to feed your family, you say?…

Ha, you’re not Daniel Boone & this is no longer frontier land….

You get all your food from the grocery store like I do…except for an occasional deer, turkey, or rabbit,  perhaps… And that’s not exactly helping curb that pesky deer population, now is it? There are varmint traps, & other methods to take care of pesky critter situations.

I cannot think of a single reason why a person cannot accept & live with gun control in America….

Let’s see, how did that go…. “home of the brave,…home of the free”……

The current reality translation of that verse is “home of the INSECURE,

home of the IMPRISONED”….

alternate translation: “clinging onto a gun to feel like a big man”… sorry, but

stupid is very strong amongst lawmakers & citizens opposing gun control….

as a result, innocents are dying all over the country at the hands of licensed/unlicensed guns….to achieve what?….

to support your stupidity & insecure feel good fake manliness!!!!


Good citizens are imprisoned in their own homes for long hours as they watch a swat chase thru their city…

seems to me it’s time everyone realized once and for all….


Contrary to how some people feel, manliness and freedom have nothing to do with the size of your gun, how many guns you own, or your marksmanship skills.

Freedom is not about the ‘right to bear arms’ like a madman.

Freedom is about the right to live in a society free from fear that you or a loved one will be shot to death by a madman in a random killing spree.

Freedom should include the right to legal gun club access for gun owners.

I often wonder how many innocent lives might have been saved at VA Tech, Sandy Hook, etc…..

if only we’d taken action to put in place a robust gun control system…


but to my dismay,

for whatever reason,

lawmakers have not gotten their act together to protect a person”s freedom to stay alive, to enjoy life…

ya know what, I also hope….

I HOPE lawmakers take action NOW to regulate guns for all our sakes…

Without gun control, we are just a negligent nation playing a sick game of ‘Russian roulette’ with innocent lives….

Aren’t the lives of our nation’s children worth anything to you?

This is one citizen that would LOVE to see immediate action by lawmakers to pass strict gun control legislation.

Mr. President, with all due respect, that sure would be an awesome legacy to have associated with your name, don’t you agree!?

I cannot ordinarily predict the future, but in this case it’s safe to say, both you & I know… that we cannot keep living in the current environment & expect the issue to ‘go away’ of its own accord…..

Without  strict gun control in place… sadly, we all are united in this prediction…

senseless murder will happen again….
and again… ad nauseum,
ad infinitum…
to innocent souls in the USA.

///// song lyrics translation: only dirtbags want guns
❥Currently our country’s lawmakers operate  under this intoxicating beautiful
♫”National Anthem”♫  by the lovely Lana Del Rey……

“Money is the reason
We exist
Everybody knows it, it’s a fact
Kiss, kiss
♫.. … . .

It’s a love story for the new age
For the six page
Want a quick sick rampage?
Wining and dining
Drinking and driving
Excessive buying
Overdose and dyin’
On our drugs and our love
And our dreams and our rage
Blurring the lines between real and the fake

Dark and lonely”

❥Lawmaker boys & gals…. Even thru your greedy haze,…..

………. you recognize your anthem’s words below, don’t ya?

“Money is the anthem of success
So put on mascara, and your party dress”

❥. . .and, let’s sing your other song, shall we?…

♫”Home Of The Brave” ♫
“Everything’s gonna be alright boys
Help is on the way
Hold your head up high now
There’s no need to cry now
We’re not running anymore
Leave the politics behind boys
They’re not working anymore
There’s so much more at stake here
It’s make or break here
Haven’t we been here before
Tell me what we’re waiting for
You gotta remember
You don’t have to be afraid
You still have the freedom to learn
And say what you wanna say
You gotta remember
Don’t let ’em take away
The land we call the home of the brave
Who sings the song of the people
You don’t hear it anymore
I heard it late last summer
To the beat of a different drummer
It never sounded quite like this before
So you’re trying to shake this feeling
That trouble’s right outside the door
You lie awake each dark night
Like a time bomb wound up too tight
A storm in waiting just offshore
Tell me what we’re waiting for
You gotta remember
You don’t have to be afraid
You still have the freedom to learn
And say what you wanna say
You gotta remember
Don’t let ’em take away
The land we call the home of the brave
[Instrumental break]
You gotta remember
You don’t have to be afraid
You still have the freedom to learn
And say what you wanna say
You gotta remember
Don’t let ’em take away
The land we call the home of the brave
[repeats 2x]

❥Just  in case you might be still haze impaired….

I’ll help translate,…. This part is critical….

“You gotta remember
You don’t have to be afraid
You still have the freedom to learn
And say what you wanna say
You gotta remember
Don’t let ’em take away
The land we call the home of the brave”
✿❥✿✿❥✿ USA ✿❥✿✿❥✿

♥☼☾☆♫ Bottom line translation….

 You still have the ability to learn a path forward… to make a change in the law to enforce strict gun control across the nation.  That will help stop the madmen from using guns to enslave our basic freedom to live in this “land we call the home of the brave.”

✿❥✿✿❥✿ USA ✿❥✿✿❥✿

FOLLOW Shannyn Moore for additional perspective:

Shannyn Moore “My Guns Are Less Regulated Than My Uterus”


Biotech Machine design • Idea Toward Solution for World Hunger

Put  together links to an old machine design paper….not sure if you’re interested in that…shared it with a senior level mechanical engineer that used to report to me… If nothing else he will laugh at some my mechanical schematics…… Its for a good cause 🙂

This poster prompted me to recall that old paper with my algae idea…


Sea slugs consume algae… So why not humans? 🙂

A college chemistry automation class paper…. on a contraption/concept  designed to grow & harvest algae with colloidal gas aphrons (CGAs)…. as an alternate food to help feed people of the world…

1982 Paper…approx. 10-pages… includes schematics & software flow charts…located in my album ‘Papers’…. Might only be pie-in-the-sky idea….Concept requires feasibility study to determine viability….  I don’t have resources or health to pursue it…  Needs biotech ME such as FB friend Nick Nixon to evaluate/pursue.  Perhaps a version of this biotech / machine design will be built someday. 🙂

Pix from paper, …& a few from my thesis on CGA separation technique:
-World Hunger Problem Statement – Algae Machine paper, page 1
-What is a colloidal gas aphron? See CGA pic from (thesis)
-CGA with algal cell
-CGA generator
-Hardware schematic & Software flow charts






Music Memories…. Thought back of music heard over 40-50 years in an attempt to make a review of fave influences in many genres. A Sound Cloud friend suggested the review project that would result in a SC track. I made a list of live shows & vacations to help recollect. Interesting…. but have to report an unfinished “project” to date (FEB2014)… In hindsight, perhaps an impossible music review project.

Raised on 1950s-60s music enjoyed by my parents: bluegrass & country, Hee Haw TV show, Lawrence Welk TV show, gospel songs…. Plus my Saturday cartoons of classical & jazz, Soul Train TV show, & FM radio pop, rock & Motown songs, & Broadway shows.

[[[ Ongoing Project Notes ]]]

Music Playlists in SoundCloud Profile:

Impossible to be  real time…
Never all  inclusive.

Also many sets.
& on cloud at

•—LIVE MUSIC performances I’ve seen,….not inclusive list as yet.
Gathering memories for SoundCloud project covering music influences & perceptions of my many fave genres….music & art is ever present in my day, since i was born…most significant being the many emotive cartoons adsorbed as a child in the ‘language’ of classical music….piano & strings…  So,  in attempting to make a simple list,…. I’m finding there is more live music than I realized to list…and that’s not counting church choir or small venues w/local performers…. seems like music  & art were a  basis for many destination choices as well…  This music time line of years & artists are subject to change, as project memory progresses.
😀 MUSIC CURIOUSITY!? !! ?? !!!…if you missed the 1969 Woodstock festival, as I did …then check out the 2 videos of this Woodstock-like weekend jam festival held at Charlotte NC speedway in 1974….see link below..
…smashing guitars, piano en flight via helicopter lift, fence trampled… All seemed perfectly  ‘normal’ at the time…and, no, I did not have help from any friends’ as Beatles did in describing Lucy….  Disturbing though that I was horrified at the piano slipping when lifted, but did not notice what happened to the piano player.  🙂
oh, they smashed guitars too…. But that didn’t bother me as much as destroying a piano.  I guess I thought a guitar is easier  and/ or cheaper to replace.  🙂
1973.VA—Chicago (UVA Charlottesville VA)
1974.NC—Charlotte Speedway JamFest Weekend
…Allman Brothers, …Emerson Lake & Palmer, …Black Oak Arkansas,
…Marshall Tucker Band,…Foghatt, Ozark Mtn Daredevils….others,
… Eagles (cancelled)
….Video & Pics in Blog at bottom, scroll down :
1975.VA—James Taylor (VA Tech, Blacksburg VA)
1975-present.VA—Take5 & Coffee at Midnight CDs by NSA,
… No Stings Attached Band link:
…Wes & Deb Chappell,  my neighbors in Blacksburg VA…kindly taught me to play a few hammer dulcimer tunes, while Deb &I were potluck dinner buddies:)…many great family meals shared, vegetarian, sugarless, etc.
…Wes Chappell on FB & SC
1986.NY—John Hiatt (Beacon Theatre, NYC)
1989.NY—Blue Man Group (NYC)
1989.NY—Eric Clapton (Madison Square Garden, most memorable was his speaking & singing about his 4-yo son, lost to fall from NYC skyscraper)
1990.NJ—Chrissie Hynde & Pretenders (Stone Pony, NJ)
1990.NJ—John Eddie (many venues rock@shore &acoustic @Jersey City)
1990.PA—Bela Fleck & Flecktones  (venue in Philly PA )
1991.PA—Alan Jackson (Allentown PA, Faith Hill opened)
1991.PA—Faith Hill (Allentown PA, opened for Alan Jackson)
1996.VA—Saffire • Uppity Blues Women (Georgetown, VA)
1997.VA—Jimmy Buffett (northern VA, twice)
1998.VA—Hootie & The Blowfish (northern VA)
1999.VA—Aaron Neville (northern VA)
1999.VA—CJ Chenneire & Red Hot Chili Pepper’s Zydeco band
              ( Charlottesville VA)
Note: Theatre & Art timelines are  related, but separate lists to help jog project memory….
•—[[[[[ Theatre ]]]]]
1972.Paris—Opera House, …opera name?
1979 Los Angeles, CA—Disney Land Theme/Music Park
1985.NJ—Bob Hope @ Meadowlands (cannot recall opening act band)
1985.NY—The Sunshine Boys with Jack Klugman & Tony Randall
1988.NY—Musical: took parents to see SHOWBOAT

1991.London —Cats
1991.NY— Phantom of the Opera (fave)
1992.NY—Miss Saigon
2003 Orlando, FL—Disney World Theme/Music Park
2004 Williamsburg VA—Busch Gardens Theme/Music Park
2004 north of Richmond VA—Kings Dominion Theme /Music Park
2005 south of Charlotte NC—Carrowinds Theme /Music Park
•—[[[[[ Art /Travel •Diving   ]]]]]
1972 to present—NYC,  Paris, London, Venice, Philadelphia PA,  Boston MA,  Baltimore, MD, Washington DC,  Richmond VA,  Williamsburg VA:    Nearly all major galleries & museums
1972.Paris— Louvre; & Loire Valley chateaux, Mont St.Michel, &   Normandy  ( 10-day high school trip)
1975-77  Two VaTech art courses as electives, beginning level portrait & landscape …prof recommended jump to more advanced  Life Drawing course.  I did fine,  but was inexperienced with some media.
1979 VA to CA Month long cross-country drive by car w/my husband Bob & colleague Dr. Noriyuki Morohoshi (following Japanese tour guide book of US): Opryland TN, New Orleans LA, Houston Space Center, Housten Japanese Garden Restaurant (my 1st sushi ever, geisha-fan dance performance, great atmosphere… DrNM felt he was almost back home in Tokyo or Kyoto ), Galveston, MesaVerde CO, Carlsbad Caverns, Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Bryce & Zion Parks, Vegas, LA, Disneyland, Yosemite, Redwood Forrest, San Francisco, Golden Gate Bridge, Crater Lake Oregon, Old Faithful & Yellowstone, Pikes Peak @ Colorado Mtns, Kansas, St Louis, West VA, returning home to Blacksburg VA.
1982 Gatlinburg TN.  1st professional conf. attended w/ Dr. Dave Wallis
1985 Boston MA— MIT Fermentation Short Course with Merck colleagues, Aquarium, Faneuil Hall
1986 Bermuda
1987 New England by car: Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, Bar Harbor Maine
1988 Nags Head NC with hubby Bob & immediate family, took wind surfing & sailing lessons
1990 New Paltz NY@Mohonk Mtn House Resort: Japanese  watercolor painting course
1991 New Paltz NY with Merck Ski Club, my first ski lesson 🙂 & tow rope  😦
1991 Paris.Clermont-Ferront. London. Hoddeston. Newcastle. Brussels. Haarlam.Milan.Pavia.Venice, Iland of Murano  (10-day business trip for Merck with weekend in London & weekend in Venice)
1991 Chicago, IL —Institute of Art & Notre Dame football game
          (AIChE conference with Merck colleagues )
1991 Salt Lake City Utah—Park City with Merck Ski Club
1992 Myrtle Beach SC with cousins Connie & Kathy & families
1993 Pocono Mtns PA skiing with friends
1995 Job change & Relocation w/ Merck  to VA
1995-2004 Massenutten Mtn VA season passes
1996 Belize Blackbird Caye & Altun Ha (with Texas dive group)
Note:  Dive trips with various dive shops…
*w/Kathy’s Scuba group (now Scuba Buddy’s) of Harrisonburg VA
**w/Chip’s Dive Connections of Charlottesville VA
1997* Freeport Bahamas
1997* Singer Island, Florida
1997  Belize Ambergis Caye & Xanatunich
1998 *Dutch Antilles Bonaire via Curaçao with overnight connection thru Caracas Venezuela
1998** Port Lucaya, Bahamas
1998* Roatan Honduras @ Fantasy Island
1999** Little Cayman Resort
1999 Baltimore MD aquarium, Chesapeake Bay Bridge tunnel, & Nags Head NC, Wright Brother’s First-n-Flight Memorial, watched friend hang gliding on sand dunes
1999* St Lucia @ Anse Chastenet
2000*Australia: Cairns, Port Douglas, Karuduna, Townsville, Bondi Beach, Blue Mtns, Sydney, Tasmania (Hobart, Port Arthur, Queenstown, Launceston), Aquariums @Townsville & Sydney
2001* Belize Nekton Pilot 2nd honeymoon
2002 Miami, FL with drive thru Keyes to Key West
2004 job change & relocation
2005 Nags Head NC +sailing around coast with hubby &crew of one ( me)
2006 Naussau Bahamas
2006 San Francisco CA —AICHE conference with Wyeth colleagues …chatted at length with former longtime boss, famous engineer, & legendary mixing expert Dr. Ed Paul of NJ….confessed I did not own his new mixing book… Purchased that book at the conference.
2007 **Belize Turneffe Island Lodge
2007 Pearl River NY—Wyeth R&D Diversity Team Business, attended as Sanford NC Vaccine R&D rep
2008 Andover MA—Wyeth TOPS Community of Practice Mfg Team, attended as Sanford NC Vaccine R&D rep
2008 ** Port Lucaya, Bahamas
2009 ** St Vincent Young Island Resort
2009 San Diego CA Biotech Disposable Technology Conference with Wyeth colleagues ..toured Genentech facility & an artist’s studio & gallery (name =?), attended very nice Nappa Valley wine tasting on the street near the Golden Gate Bridge on the north side of the water.
Project memory still under construction 🙂
….There are only a few other musicians & shows to add.
I expect this will be the shortest segment on music perspectives since its the unpredictable, unknown realm. I feel that no matter what comes down the pike, there will be faves in my future.
~~~~~~Sue Hite~~~~~
ABOUT ME (aka “sksskh” on SoundCloud)
•Artist • Chemical Engineer •Biochemist
 imageJUST IMAGINE equality for all…. without war, or rumors of war, & no hunger…. Truly beautiful vision of a gentler, kinder, more loving society….. God’s brotherhood of man sharing the world….. to live as one…. I may be a dreamer…. But believe this is God’s plan…John Lennon’s song about peace & love captures that lovely feeling…. In the depths of my mind, heart & soul….that is how I feel God prefers it to be,….”Imagine”
John Lennon – Imagine
Note… John Lennon was controversial for sure, and I don’t agree with some of his thinking …but I do share his dream of peace, it is beautiful!
•As 59-yo heterosexual white female, I support marriage & racial equality
•“Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone”—John 8:7
♥Peace & love be with you.

V-Day is observed every day worldwide ( not just on Feb-14th )

Break the Chain video

My story…
Bully-Molester encounters during grades 3-4 (spanning ~6months)


A FB posting by Shannyn Moore brought out my feelings toward child molesters….and my personal experience….as a matter of fact, you can see me ‘wade’ in with a couple of brief comments before I get into the lengthy comment venting feelings…. It was a little tearful to type and repeated myself a few times, but overall I felt good by the time I finished sharing ….felt that perhaps the sharing might ignite a spark somewhere that will affect positive changes.

BTW,… Difficult for victims to speak up because of the hideousness and painfully memories/scars…. I am 59-yo now, but one never forgets stuff like this. Great feeling though to stop these monsters. Truly monsters of which nightmares are made. I apologize if you find this offensive but it should make you feel uncomfortable enough to take action toward helping to end this behavior… No matter how small the action…. To get started…. Follow the 3 steps outlined below…

♥1. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~Read this,& check your feelings on the subject


Shannyn Moore, I wrote a column:

While discussing the “medically necessary abortion” bill, Coghill asked, “Why wouldn’t somebody (promptly report rape or incest)?”

Doctor Coghill, oh, sorry, you’re not a doctor.

Mr. Coghill, sir, you are either willfully daft or cruel.

As one Alaskan put it this week, “If Coghill doesn’t know why women might not promptly report rape or sexual abuse, maybe he should call the pope.”

Shannyn Moore: Legislature failing at vetting bad bills……

A friend of mine just returned from Juneau. “Shanny, it’s a scary ride down there. The wheels are still on the bus, but the brake lines have been cut.”

Suzanne Hickman shared. good one (as usual) shannyn.

Merwyn Ambrose Question to Sen. Johnny: Are yiu saying that you no longer rape your wife?

Cue Johnny’ s denial, “I have never raped my wife!”

Question: Why haven’t we heard that from LuAnn?

Don Liston Merwyn, is it your complete lack of respect for others that inspires you to write things like this on Facebook?

♣Sue Hite Well said Shannyn!

♣Sue Hite “Willfully daft or cruel”… soooo very true!!! Coghill should be ashamed to show his face in public, then again…he is a totally unaware, dense, daft…jerk.

♣Sue Hite Ok Shannyn, pardon me but this Coghill nut-job has me torqued… Thus, I feel the need to come out of my shell & vent about him …along with a personal public statement of my own…

Over several months spanning grades 3-4 I experienced bullying & molestation by a teenaged boy both at school & on the bus… Luckily, a combination of my kicking, hitting, biting & fighting with the guy’s premature abilities prevented actual rape…but the assault was scary enough…. cause at that age I did not understand what was happening… Not a clue. I never told anyone about it until many years later… Upon learning of his death in a car accident, I blurted out ‘could not have happened to a nicer person’ to my parents… They said ‘don’t be rude’… which lead me to tell them about it….will never forget how my Dad’s voice sounded when he reacted with simply a low sounding “ooh No”….after months of crap from that guy I was too afraid to tell anyone…just did not understand how to handle it…but knew he needed to be stopped… Finally I turned him in to the librarian for not letting me pass on the staircase while on an errand for my teacher…he was skipping class, I was a nerd on a teacher’s errand…he threatened to take his pants down on the stairs, laughed that I would never get away..cannot express how trapped & angry I felt….so I told him to let me pass or I would tell the librarian…he did not, so I told… Known for her strictness she literally flew to my rescue…he was still on the staircase, probably thinking I would chicken out… Am forever grateful that she grabbed him by the collar & hauled him to the principal….and that was just for not letting me pass on the staircase (can only imagine if she knew the rest)…at any rate, the boy never bothered me again…thank God! I was very happy! Especially glad not to be forced to sit with him on the bus and listen to his filthy mouth…total scum.

As an aside, that neighbor boy used to help get up hay on the farm… I recall all the kids watching at the barn as he let us pet the mouse he’d caught…it was the cutest thing…as we gushed about it’s cuteness…this boy swiftly…as we watched in horror (no time to look away or get away)…took out his pocket knife and tortured/killed this little defenseless mouse….I have often wondered how many other defenseless creatures he harmed…clearly I was not the only one.

With that prefaced confession, I feel it is a mean thing for me to say here…but IMO…. Coghill needs this same type of experience in order to check his feelings/ intelligence…. I wonder if he were raped / molested as a child or adult how he would feel….perhaps a useless exercise since I suspect he is a cold nut-job void of any feelings whatsoever.

Seriously, perhaps we need to design a feelings/intelligence weeding-out test for ALL politicians nationwide…all levels of state & federal government….before being allowed the privilege of having their names on a ballot.

If legislators would take action with ever present vigilance to prevent this abuse, educate citizens & help eliminate the victim’s fear/ shame it would be so worthwhile for everyone. I chose to ‘tell’ in the hope it may be a tiny contribution toward helping someone understand this ongoing social issue. Besides, it feels really good to get it off my chest.

Gotta LOVE Shannyn Moore….

♥2. ~~~~~~~~~~~~Watch this video….

Most tender, touching video…..
Great message and awesome performance by SC vocalist Wil known as “Wilunleashed” at

“It Should Not Hurt To Be A Child!”

♥3. ~~~~~~~~~~~~Take your own action… . . .private or public…..


You are not alone. No matter how small, you an make a change to help yourself and/or others in your world. I cannot emphasize enough how much seemingly insignificant things help foster kindness….

My personal fave,…a simple smile 🙂

One Billion Rising (Short Film) *Trigger Warning

A tribute to V-Day….’Love is the Answer’…check it out here

Plus other videos at…<ahref=”; rel=”toggle”> 

Preface — My home church family is very dear to me. Any negative feelings I had growing up were not toward individuals….but toward the church doctrine that was/is biased against women. image

🙂 Haha, Ya never know…both football players could be atheists…  I suspect it’s just a hot button ploy to get the other guy to drop the ball… Looks like he’s losing his grip, both  literally & figuratively. 🙂 Thanks go out to Les Norman for sharing this photo. I’m not an atheist but, I know freaky…..nothing turns my stomach more than someone trying to ‘convert’ me to anything… It’s basically saying “here you have no brain, so I must insist you take a chunk of mine”… Hopefully my meaning will be understood in this write-up of feelings/beliefs… It is not my intent to offend anyone.  My words only express my feelings toward the church, not toward any one of you personally. I can understand, having been raised in a southern Baptist church, how that freak mentality can drive one to drink or atheism or whatever… You can tell this is a hot button for me… I just believe people have free will to make up their own minds…. Not my business who believes what…cause I also believe in free speech, religious freedom, and equality for all. image At this point some are thinking but we were commanded to be ‘freaky’…. No, we were not… We were commanded to witness by example & share with respect…. Not assume ignorance and annoy others…. That’s where that phrase …’holier than thou’ originates.    Just assume nothing.  Here’s an example of a wrong assumption from my personal experience…. Pushy freaks I know well……..One of the most insulting was a holy-roller style Baptist preacher that used to yell or speak VERY LOUDLY at the congregation….. that we’re all going to hell…   As a young person it really torqued me… Because he had zero clue what was in my heart, mind & soul… I think that is what imprinted me so strongly that no one really knows another persons constitution. How dare he say that… It struck me as most freaky….. especially since he repeated a worthless version of that sermon every week…. Didn’t he know that you ‘attract more bees with honey?’  If I’d been of age, I’d have never returned to that church.  So, this football player cartoon represents my sentiments exactly regarding annoying freaks.


I discuss religious/social things in person or on FB with family/friends

….only if they want to truly explore…and not sling mindless off-point misleading posters, quotes, etc….. in general,  I actually avoid hot button topics
( politics, religion, sex are the big topics avoided ).   As you can imagine,  I own my mind and am responsible for my thoughts… Which are my prerogative to change however, & whenever I so choose…, plus there’s no ‘converting’ me to faith nuances that I consider wrong due to logic, interpretation or  published scientific fact.
Imbedded in that native Virginian thought process may also be the question of how it came about that I left the Baptist church.  It’s simpler than you might think, but a bit surprising as well.
Along the way, some have given me the impression they think I’m a brainwashed city slicker traitor for moving from VA to NJ…. I’ll be the first to disagree with that thinking, if it does exist.  The truth is closer to me being a “NJ HillBilly” living just 25-miles outside NYC & working only across the bay in Rahway, NJ (the poor version of the Beverly Hill Billy tv show)….as you can imagine, I have many NJ HillBilly adventures to share 🙂
Firstly, there were no Baptist churches nearby so for a while I attended various places, then settled on the local Presbyterian church… After moving, a couple of times it became an iterative process which lead me to attend the Episcopal church… Although I participated no differently than if id been a member…. This demanding job change related process left me feeling like I really should settle on & join a home church… I’m talking a long process over years 1984-1994.   When I relocated back to Virginia I immediately joined the Episcopal church, joined the choir, became newsletter editor, etc.  All was well. I felt settled in the church family of my choice plus… A surprise…. I was not required to give up my Flint Hill Baptist Church membership upon becoming Episcopalian… Thus, I retained my membership to the church in which I grew up… HUGE sentimental value for me since I had/ have many family / friends there that I love dearly. It was a win-win situation! 🙂

image image At this point, I remind you the following words are not directed at any of you…simply an expression of MY feelings… of how MY experiences made me feel forward these churches……please do not take personal offense at my descriptor words as they are not based on a single individual OR church…. Multiple church basis of only my personal experiences….
Southern Baptist Church =
racial bigots, ………male & female chauvinist pigs, ….fearful, ……literal,
‘stupid is strong’ since females are not equal, females forbidden to preach, females forbidden to be a deacon /leader, rare to hear a female read scripture in service ( ok in Sunday school, but not in service?)……    fearful of research/opinions/discussion/ learning/ growth, loud, irreverent & suffocating environment,…..closed minded… You get my picture…….seriously, the wording above is just IMO in reaction to how I have been treated OR to things I witnessed that happened to others.

Episcopal church =
warm, ……inviting, …….accepting, ……caring ….loving …..mindful….. compassionate….
kind…… science & bible are not mutually exclusive…
ALL welcome….any race, creed, color, nationality, female, male, straight, gay, old, young, fat, skinny, uneducated, educated, you name it=welcomed
Supports diversity & equality, independent thought, open to discussion….
Calm not loud, reverent, meditative…..
Sugar & spice & everything nice….
Got issues don’t I?…..LOL…..
       You betcha…but…..don’t we all?
Yet another surprise regarding my church membership….
After a year or so of dual membership, my father ( a deacon leader ) got wind of it somehow and basically ‘read me the riot act’…said that I “play the wild” by belonging to more than one church….  I disagreed because I saw no reason why I could not belong to both… Is there a limit on how many churches a person can have?…a parent might be concerned that their child did not go to church… But to have one too many, what’s up with that? I did not see his point & he did not see mine…this went unresolved for days, weeks, a few months… At first I thought he’d forget about it, and I’d surely never mention it… I put me in a tight spot… Fat chance of that, cause it became his checklist greeting question with every phone call  & every time I went home to visit…”have you decided”….. image

 My thoughts/beliefs/faith best fit the Episcopal church,…. yet so many people I love belong to that specific church… There I go again with that thought of females being worthless to the Baptist church, or feelIng that somehow my freaky self should have never explored various church doctrines…. Should I compromise myself and find yet another Baptist church to attend, or give up my sentimental silliness…or do nothing and keep both, no harm in that…. It took 6-8 weeks to wrestle my thoughts & feelings to a path forward.  Ultimately, tearfully… I sent a letter of resignation to Flint Hill Baptist…. I’d decided that it was more important to honor my father’s wishes out of love & respect for him… That membership did not mean nearly as much to me, as it did to resolve the issue with him.  To this day, I feel happy with my decision… I only wonder what took me so long? 🙂 …it was simply my ‘leave no stone unturned’ mentality that I’d figure out a solution where I’d get to keep both… Also called hardheaded, knuckle-headed, stubborn, persistent silly over thinking self… At least I can laugh at myself about it now… I only mention it because it is a good example of 2 people feeling passionately about opposite views on something very insignificant.

The fact that I’m a born again believer is all God cares about with respect to my soul.  God does not care which church I attend nor where my membership(s) reside…. Nor if any other person ever knows what i believe…and vice versa…. It is a very private, personal relationship that is one on one between an individual and God.  It is not anyone else’s business but your own.  Luckily, we have the protection of religious freedom.   Hope you realize, i use the term ‘freak’ in jest… IMO They are misguided, misunderstood over enthusiastic souls acting with or without respect.  At least that’s my understanding.

imageimage As you may now realize, an alternate hot button word in my mind  is FORBIDDEN….  I was told thru out high school by my father that I would not be going to college… Nevertheless I stayed on my academic college-bound track.   Each time the subject of course selection came up, I braced for another battle over taking typing…. But I had no room in my course load for it… Plus I already knew how to type via my mother’s typewriter.  So, I felt I was forever the disobedient daughter for not taking his suggestion… But decided I was not about to drop math, French , science for typing…

imageEventually it culminated in my being flat out forbidden to go to college, since we were poor & the only suitable career recommended to me by my father did not require 4-yrs of college…. It was the kind of disagreement that had only one answer back from me…. Needless to say, it was dramatic: “watch me, I’m 18yo & you can’t stop me” …. I  left home at age 18 for college & graduate school with help from scholarships, student loans & work-study programs…. & pursued a career in science &engineering. image Overall, my father & I shared many similarities & differences that I feel others do not understand.  Firstly, our looks are similar as are our personalities, storytelling,  love of sweets (chocolate, peppermint,watermelon), gardening, dogs, horses, chickens, nature, ‘dissecting’  (as creature wound treatment or food prep ) curiosity as to how things work, both jokesters… Too many to list here.  However, our differences were less but significant… Role of women in society/church, other social/philosophical issues… Including his belief  ‘spare the rod, spoil the child’ which I felt was unnecessarily harsh, even though my smart-mouth coupled with boundless curiosity may have placed his discipline skills in question… At least to my mind.  As the years passed he created many homemade ‘farm’ original mechanical designs, performed electrical wiring at the house/barn… He could build many things, & did… Never realizing that he was an engineer at heart… I’d tell him about the industrial equipment adventures I experienced and he actually seemed to enjoy my work stories… Over time I realized we both had changed, mellowed, accepted… I think he realized it too… And choose to believe that is why he made that family apology at Thanksgiving… Also he was finally able to eat a meal in a Japanese restaurant after more than 60years after returning from that awful pacific campaign in WWII…. My father was a key influence  on my thoughts toward religion, science, engineering, honor, integrity, & respect …without either realizing it until later …probably since we were more alike than our stubborn selves cared to admit.

image image I’m not sure if this makes sense or not… Difficult to explain since the  ‘freak’ image relates to my church history, which relates to the history of my relationship with my father, and relates to school & career choices… All in one giant melting pot….  My mother played a huge role too, but I deliberately left her out of this writing… I will mention her influence was equal to Dad’s… she had a 2-yr business college degree by age 21  & a sensitive artistic nature in creating many things. image I hope I’ve explained it all well enough to be understood …one final observation is that like my father I notice minuscule insignificant “curiosities” of sights & sounds…a country perceptive way possibly.   We differ in how we process, interpret  & store all that extra data.. I do not know the formula for it… He processed it or reflected on it by being outdoors…hunting, gardening, builing farm things etc.  I did some outdoor actives too, plus art & music …the best way to describe it is like my iPad & iPhone ….when Dad & I were in sych our thoughts meshed perfectly on issues… But when out of sych, we had a terrible time communicating from different pages of thought…. He as a parent/ adult, and me as a child/teen/adult , struggled on parallel paths throughout life’s journey.  I feel that is, more or less,  how it  goes for everyone… The sum total of your experiences contribute to your various beliefs… And, it is nearly impossible to capture how it shaped your path exactly.  Also, difficult for me/others to explain since it covers feelings of faith, love, hope, forgiveness on a spiritual, philosophical & intellectual level. image image ~~~ The End ~~~ image                 “The soul would have no rainbow if the eyes had no tears.” —Laurel Burch

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“The soul would have no rainbow
if the eyes had no tears.”—Laurel Burch

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Quotes…. “When injustice becomes Law resistance becomes Duty”—Thomas Jefferson

image imageimage

Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet. ~ Bob Marley

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Beauty is that which attracts the soul, and that which loves to give and not to receive. ~ Kahlil Gibran

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“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine, and at last, you create what you will” – George Bernard Shaw

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“It is impossible to say how first the idea entered my brain; but once conceived, it haunted me day and night. Object there was none. Passion there was none. I loved the old man. He had never wronged me. He had never given me insult. For his gold I had no desire. I think it was his eye! yes, it was this! He had the eye of a vulture –a pale blue eye, with a film over it. Whenever it fell upon me, my blood ran cold; and so by degrees – very gradually –I made up my mind to take the life* of the old man, and thus rid myself of the eye forever.” ― Edgar Allan Poe, The Tell-Tale Heart and Other Writings *fear and anger.

FYI: Relevant to me because the ‘life of the old man’ I took was actually the life of the fear my father had of my academic education in relation to his dropping out of school after 7th grade to work his father’s farm. He was a smart man. He had no reason to feel insecure around me. However, he did. And for that reason, he made my life a nightmare until I turned 18-yo and legally left home on my own for college.

The eye in this verse is speaking of my father’s icy blue eye of anger & rage. . . just as he verbally unleashed unpleasantries accompanying the switch dance punishment. I made up my mind to invoke a verbal plan to push him over the edge… Irregardless of the potentially dangerous outcome for me. I’d been to that edge a few times where as a child I thought I might not be alive much longer.. . Real or not, that is how it seemed…. but that only happened 2-3 times maybe…. Where I could no longer stand, or cry, or run in circles cause it hurt too much… Probably hurt the same emotionally as physically…. He would drag me around the floor, hitting me & yelling for me to stand up… I don’t know what happened exactly,… But I couldn’t stand up or say anything…. Almost like I had shut down…that’s when I felt only one thing…. My own rage at him for being a big person hitting a little person, I’d curl up in a fetal position to protect my face/head (same exact thing happened with my 1st husband, so sad… but is why we divorced)… I only know I decided I would prevent my father (& years later my husband) from doing it again… whether I survived or not was irrelevant… It was the escape or relief I was seeking. So, my plan involved verbal banter by design to push him into that rage and beyond…. so that either he’d realize he needed to stop or he’d stop,…. cause I’d not be here to beat up… either way, he’d stop. I recall my third, fourth, & fifth grade teachers inquiring about the bruises/marks I had. And, I recall lying to them saying I fell out of the apple tree or crashed my bike into the shed… true stories I always told, but those accidents did not cause my injuries. Best I can remember, I was 12-13 years old when I came up with a plan. I recall thinking I’ll soon be in high school, this crap has to stop. Plus, I don’t recall being at school embarrassed by all the questions from kids /teachers during 6th-7th grades.

Lucky for me the plan worked both times. My father was so angry at me over something, he came at me with a switch from the back door while I was standing in the kitchen… and with the iciest look in his blue eyes. . . that in just a few seconds I knew I would either succeed or fail instantly…. So I reached out to him…. Um, lashed out really… in my sharpest name-calling lingo I could muster…. and he stopped walking toward me, paused in disbelief and said “say WHAT?”. . . A good sign, but no turning back now. . . And out of my mouth came the lowest opinion of him that any person could ever tell another… I called him an idiot for being so dumb as to have to hit a smaller person in order to make himself feel important… how he was a liar to ever tell me he loved me, cause no one treats a person they love this way… I don’t recall everything said, but it was a pile of dirt on him, because…. I felt it might be the last words I ever said to anyone ….in a desperate attempt to “fix” my father. Now, I never said it was the best plan or a smart plan. . . . It was just the one I came up with.

Dad went beyond rage that day… I could see something in his face, some thought… Where he realizes something… Not sure what he realized, but whatever it was his eyes changed colors from icy blue to soft pale blue, and his face went blank… He looked either gone into a blind rage or gone elsewhere….. So a few seconds passed where I could not read the change, only knew there was a change or something new on his mind. Next, instead of being hit when his arm raised…. He threw down the switch from his hand, turned to go out the back door, and said “gotta go, I’ll be back” and he took off for the woods for an hour or two. When he returned, we did not speak of it… Not then, or ever. And he never, ever whipped me again. . . Nor my younger brother & sister.

My first husband Bob, I’ve written about in a private journaling. One day I may post it here. I’ve lost contact with him after my second marriage. Prior to that we kept in email contact for nearly ten years after our divorce. I’m still not sure divorce was the correct resolution to our issues. Please do not be misled, Bob is a wonderful person,…. kind, thoughtful, deep, loving, brilliant…. only after many years did issues arise…. Not sure what caused his anger issues … I think something changed w/rt him and/or my big opinionated mouth/mind led him to temper outbursts to cause him to push me down/up stairs, hit me with a floor lamp, etc…. Given my childhood experience, & after failed marriage counseling (he refused to go more than once because he said there was nothing wrong with him)…. I felt I could not bear the same as an adult and opted out of the 16-year marriage to the love of my life. I never stopped loving him despite our our divorce and I never will. The same goes for my father. I never stopped loving Daddy ever, despite my fat mouth & his anger management issues… And, he knew it too. I made sure of that.

I spent many (~10) years single before remarrying cause I thought I was better off single… unlucky in love… Also felt maybe the common denominator was me (with Dad & Bob)…. Yet I worked just fine with many men every day as minority female in various engineering departments/ companies. So, I thought maybe its just where ” heart” is involved…. since the logic side of life worked fine.

I did fall in love again, eventually remarried… And that marriage ended after about 8 years…. due to either his inability to accept his infidelity or the infidelity was just his way to exit to the marriage. I was on an accelerated work project that required 80 hours/wk from me for nearly a year… So my workaholic self can be blamed in part… He was very angry that I discovered his GF on his cell phone and said I’d never forgive him thus proceeding with separation is appropriate… Meanwhile she called to apologize profusely, saying he told her he was divorced, and as a policewoman she would never ever go out with a married man… Said she was gonna dump him…and she did. So, that is why I feel he may have just been looking for an exit and for whatever reason not admitting to himself or me that’s what he wanted… His reasoning was I’d never ‘forgive’ him thus parting is best. I had forgiven him & told him so. So, sounds to me like he either didn’t ‘forgive’ himself or just wanted an out. I dunno. I gave up.

I give up. I’m too old to be concerned about such matters. The good times of marriage are a blessing. Unfortunately, mine didn’t last as long as I’d have liked.

Well now, seems this art @ quote page has morphed into a dirty laundry page. . . LOL. Most likely I will move this quote & text to a separate “life lessons in love” page and add a few new quotes to this page. . .as soon as I get the chance…. When I said this was a “rough” page I meant visually unkempt 🙂


“The soul would have no rainbow if the eyes had no tears.”—Laurel Burch

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image ♥”PeeWee”♥

Once upon a time, this aunt & uncle were hiking in the Virginia woods near our house and witnessed a tiny baby squirrel fall from its nest high above…when they examined it…’twas still alive!…and picking it up found it was nearly hairless…they knew it would not survive…so in the coat pocket it went.

After the hike, they brought this baby squirrel to our house and gave it to me. The first thing I did was name this teensy-tiny baby squirrel… PeeWee. He was smaller than my pinky finger! So small in fact, that they warned me he may not live… Weak from that huge fall, practically hairless, so tiny… I knew the odds were not in his favor…. Just the same, ….fixed a shoe box nest for PeeWee with scraps of fabric, old socks… Whatever I found in Mom’s “rag bag” of sewing leftovers. Fed PeeWee warm milk….. one-drop-at-a-time from an old eye dropper…. As many times a day as he would eat…. I kept his nest in my room… He eventually grew hair and I tried feeding him all sorts of things.

PeeWee was cute, cuddly, but not very trainable… plus he had sharp claws that dug in when you let him sit on your shoulder (or head, only tried that once…ouch!)…… The shoulder sitting was a more tolerable perch for PeeWee. As he grew, I was thinking of keeping him on the back porch instead of in my room… Cause he’d long outgrown that shoebox. Looking back I’m surprised that I kept him in my room as long as I did… Must’ve been attached to him…well, who wouldn’t be…

I never knew anyone with a pet squirrel.
Never heard of such a thing!
PeeWee was a curiosity for sure. So….

I asked my Dad what he suggested as a cage & place for me to keep PeeWee…. Dad offered to build PeeWee a cage attached to the front of the coal shed at the edge of our yard. He did just that….and it was awesome!…. The shed door had a small roof over it that also covered PeeWee’s new cage… Protecting from sun, rain, etc. …the cage itself was divided into 2 sections…the all wood nest section for sleeping & the open air other half …which was simply a wood frame with chicken wire…. A much better squirrel bathroom than me scooping pellets from a shoebox…that’s a fact. WOW, it was the perfect living space for PeeWee.


By now PeeWee is full grown…

I’d visit his cage at the shed on a daily basis…he’d sit on my shoulder & we’d play squirrel stuff… He like playing tickle with weeds & perching on my shoulder…but at full grown size those gripping feet/ claws were a bit too strong for my comfort.

One day PeeWee jumped off my shoulder and onto the ground…. And ran around a bit… Then a few beagles appeared outta nowhere … I’d forgotten Dad has a few dogs out running… I’d heard them barking as they do when running, but they were way away in the field and I clean forgot.

I panicked. Just knew they’d catch PeeWee… He’d only ever known a shoebox & that chicken wire cage…

He had no idea as to his danger….. I could not help him…

I could not outrun a beagle…..

Luckily PeeWee’s instincts took over & he headed for the nearest tree….and as quick as he could, climbed to the very top! I was both relieved and proud…. Ha, as happy as any squirrel mom, I reckon 😉 Unfortunately though, PeeWee must’ve been traumatized by the beagle chase… Cause no amount of coaxing with treats or anything would make him budge from that tree… The tree wasn’t very tall…a fairly young tree that had limbs too small for me to climb….so now that the beagles were put back in their lot… I had to figure out a way to get PeeWee down from that tree &back in his cage. I felt sorry for PeeWee always living in a cage …and knew at some point he belonged back in the woods. However, the narrow escape I’d just witnessed convinced me he wasn’t ready for the wild… I wasn’t ready for him to take that step just yet. I knew PeeWee hated water… found that out when I tried to give him a bath as a baby…..thus, I retrieved PeeWee from the tree by using the garden hose with the nozzle on full force….

Poor PeeWee… He looked like a drowning rat …totally drenched as he climbed down that tree…

If I took the stream off him, then he started to climb upwards …so feeling like a mean jerk I had to hold that stream in such a way to keep him moving down the tree… When he reached the lowest branch,….he just sat there dripping, & staring at me …looked like he was thinking “how could you?” I’ll never forget that look on his face… I know I was thinking the exact same thing…. geez, what did I expect? Did I expect him to jump on me …on my shoulder…with his happy face like he does when I open his cage door? It was that look on his face that convinced me that PeeWee was ready to live in the woods on his own…. Plus, his jumping off my shoulder could have been his signal that he’s ready to leave the nest. I felt we’d both had enough excitement for one day… So I took PeeWee to his shed-cage for a good night’s rest.

I don’t recall how many day’s rest I figured would give him the best chance…but it was only a few days after the beagle incident when I took PeeWee out of his cage for the last time…. Took him thru the pasture gate at the shed…

Down the hill… past the apple trees, to the edge of the woods… way away from the dog kennel… so they’d not get a single whiff of PeeWee….

I kissed PeeWee good-bye and placed him on the ground ….
He looked at me knowingly with his happy face & scampered into the woods.

Of course, I’d be lying if I said I was not sad to see him go….I knew I’d miss him…. BUT….


I was so very happy for PeeWee.

Happy that he was off to new adventures, to live his life as a squirrel should. Felt so thankful that I was a part of PeeWee’s journey. My aunt & uncle saved his life that day.

I was forever grateful that they brought PeeWee to me. He was a challenging pet at times but overall a truly wonderful creature to befriend. And so, ….As you might imagine….

At every squirrel sighting, I cringe every time I hear someone say, in that stupid tone…

“A squirrel is just a rat with a bigger tail.”

Luckily, to offset that statement my Aussie husband would say, in delight…..

“Aren’t squirrels just the cutest, most fascinating little creatures?!”

…because he’d never seen a squirrel before… Apparently his home country is without native squirrels! Naturally, I replied to my husband…. Man, you are not gonna believe this… but I’ve got a pet squirrel story for you! 🙂 ☁♫♪☼☾☆

⠀    °\(ッ)/°
      ♥웃 Sue

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