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‘Hate Map’ Origins of Racist, Homophobic, and Offensive Tweets

“The picture doesn’t look good for the Eastern states, although admittedly the bulk of the population is there as well. Areas in Virginia, North Carolina,….show up bright red on the map….” —article excerpt.


Disturbing info, shameful even, since Virginia is my home state. I am a white, heterosexual female of part Irish, Native American, & other undetermined heritage. I am not racist, nor homophobic, but for the life of me do not understand why certain of my relatives & friends are racist/homophobic. I lived thru the 50s-60s when civil rights movements were underway…. I remember picking up hateful kkk papers in our country driveway, and seeing hateful things on the tv news, I remember school integration when I was in 10th grade, and I also remember many dear friends I made as a result of integration…. I do not understand the racist mind process… Is it a fear of the unknown? Did you miss, or not understand, all of Dr. M. L. King’s beautiful speeches?  Different is threatening or fearful to a racist mind…. instead of interesting? People need to celebrate differences, because no two of us is alike… each being unique. I need a racist person to explain to me exactly how skin color impacts anything. It doesn’t. Racism is a learned feeling / attitude without any supporting rationale or basis whatsoever. That ugly habit of feeling hatred can be broken… Just like any other habit.  Seek help to break your addiction to hatred & racism… Replacing that feeling with peace, love, & happiness will cause you & everyone you come in contact with to have a much better life experience.  If you do not know where to turn for help, contact your local Episcopal church for a confidential appointment with a priest.  I trust you will find that meeting very helpful to you.imageA similiar approach can be used to address homophobia. My understanding of homophobes is that their thought process stems from fear & being misinformed,… Afraid it’s contagious… As in a disease or in brainwashing… It is neither.  To confirm this, & putting your fears to rest…. Ask your family doctor about it.  Misinformation, in part is also from fear of the unknown…. Which is human nature in some cases.  If you don’t know any gay people, then it makes it tough to determine just how alien are they relative to you & everyone else in your circle.  Gays are just lika a slice of society…good or bad, moral or amorale, kind or unkind, fat or skinny, etc. ….you get the idea… gay population behaviors = straight population behaviors.  Yet another reason some people do not support equality for gays is due to an erroneous religious belief that being gay is a learned condition that is evil or perverse…. Or a free will choice gone wrong. That belief system my friend, is pure hogwash. Being gay is a natural born condition… Supported by published scientific research. It is not evil or perverse, so you can relax about that…. A gay person is born that way genetically, so you cannot teach ‘straightness’ as a free will choice, ‘reprogram,’ or ‘unbrainwash’ away gayness.  It is simply not genetically, biologically possible.  God made everything, and in ‘his words’ in Genesis he said… He saw all that he’d made, and it was good….gay and/or straight,….all simply expaplained as being the natural variation within the scope of God’s design & creation of the universe. If you need help with your disrespectful & hatred feelings toward gays,…. especially your scriptural confusion… Then contact your local Episcopal church for a confidential appointment with a priest.  I expect you will find much understanding & gain knowledge on this subject that will bring you and your convictions in line with your faith & spiritual journey.

I invite anyone that may need a place of worship, to attend an Episcopal church in your area…. Because the signs the Epicopal church post state “All are Welcome”….and they mean ALL…all races, gay or straight, male or female, etc… The diversity is beautiful at the Epicopal church.

If you wonder what my beef is in the equality game of equal human rights, then I’ll tell you. As a white minority female in engineering for over 30-years, I have known gender bias, rudeness, & chauvinist pig behavior throughout my career & academic training… As well as, in my Sothern Baptist Church experience where women are considered unequal to men by being forbidden to perform certain tasks.  For example, at most Baptist churches in my experience: a woman could not become a preacher or deacon leader, read scripture to the congregation, perform certain service roles, etc. I had male cousins my age trot off to seminary, yet that door was closed to me.   Not an option. So, when I suggest the Episcopal Chuch as a resource to you,…. it is because I know first hand what hatred & ugly unfairness is all about among the insecure male population of this world… the Epicopalians offer a warm, loving faith community to nurture your heart, mind, & soul. It is a refreshing church to which I belong.
I feel that my God does not close ANY doors to anyone.





The Episcopal Church: Who we are & What we believe; w/Church Finder…

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VIRGINIA ….56% Support Marriage Equality….Hurrah!!!

“Support for marriage equality is even spreading south of the Mason-Dixon line to Virginia. A recent Washington Post poll found that 56% of Virginians support the freedom to marry — a 10% increase from support in 2011….”

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Twitter ‘Hate Map’ shows where racist, homophobic, and offensive tweets originateMay 14, 2013
John Koetsier

Students at Humboldt State University in California individually reviewed 150,000 geocoded tweets containing racist, homophobic, or otherwise offensive terms to build a “hate map” indicating where people in the U.S. are most bigoted.Or, at least, where they’re the most open about displaying their antisocial views.

The picture doesn’t look good for the Eastern states, although admittedly the bulk of the population is there as well. Areas in Virginia, North Carolina, Texas, and Alabama show up bright red on the map, as do areas in more central states Indiana, Iowa, and Minnesota.The map is part of a larger project, called the Geography of Hate, by Humboldt State professor Dr. Monica Stephens. The data that forms the map comes from an analysis of every tweet posted between June 2012 and April 2013 that contained at least one of 10 designated “hate words,” including dyke, fag, chink, gook, wetback, and cripple.Source: Hate Map

California seems relatively hate-free

But while the original list of tweets was generated by a machine, every single one of the 150,000 tweets containing one of the target words was individually examined by undergraduate students. As the project description states:
Because algorithmic sentiment analysis would automatically classify any tweet containing “hate words” as “negative,” this project relied upon the HSU students to read the entirety of tweet and classify it as positive, neutral or negative based on a predefined rubric. Only those tweets that were identified by human readers as negative were used in this analysis.
To protect the identity of potentially racist, homophobic, or otherwise bigoted Twitter users, the tweets were aggregated up to the county level, and counties with high levels of hate speech were colored red on the map. Areas with moderate levels — though still higher than the national average — are varying shades of blue, and unshaded areas were below the national average.
Smaller towns seem to have a higher incidence of hate speech — in Virginia, for example, Palmyra is more hateful on Twitter than Richmond. And in Louisiana, New Orleans and Baton Rouge are less hateful than smaller towns nearby.Read more at

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Although I’m heterosexual, I have gay friends & relatives. If I feel uncomfortable with a conservative Christian “cold shoulder” towards me just for supporting gay rights,…. then how much mistreatment/ intolerance must my gay friends & relatives experience?!? My heart feels for them,… for the insensitivity & negative vibes they must encounter. The “love your neighbor as yourself” verse seems to be forgotten by some conservative Christian folks…. love, kindness, & compassion could help foster tolerance, understanding, & acceptance.

At any rate, as a liberal Christian…. here is a link that references the Episcopal church’s apology, reasons for welcoming LGBT and providing pastoral care:

“In 1997, the General Convention passed a resolution apologizing for past “sins” against gay and lesbian people. It stated:”

“This 72nd General Convention apologizes on behalf of the Episcopal Church to its members who are gay or lesbian and to lesbians and gay men outside the Church for years of rejection and maltreatment by the Church. … This Church repents of its sins committed against lesbian and gay people — physical, psychological and spiritual — through covert and overt action and inaction. We seek amendment of our life together and we ask for God’s help in sharing the Good News with all people.”

Also, there is a religious tolerance website that has a huge amount of biblical scripture references & information on the subject… from both liberal & conservative Christian points of view that might be useful to anyone interested.

At this link:



❤PLEASE HELP Bangladesh

….to ensure safety for workers &

…compensate victims of building collapse….

Please take action now and call on Primark, Matalan,Mango and Bonmarche to sign the Bangladesh Fire and Building Safety Agreement to prevent the future deaths of garment workers. It is such a simple action which would save so many lives. These disasters must not be allowed to continue.”

— Petition by Amirul Haque Amin, President National Garment Workers Federation Bangladesh

“End to the avarice”—Vicente Bueso


@Primarkjobs @Mango @Matalan: ensure safety for workers & compensate victims of building collapse Petition by Amirul Haque Amin, President National Garment Workers Federation Bangladesh Over 1,000 people, mostly female garment workers, have been killed in the collapse of a building in Bangladesh which housed factories making clothes for Primark, Matalan, Mango, Bonmarche and other major brands. Over two thousand more have been injured in one of the worst industrial disasters of recent times. Primark, Matalan, Mango and Bonmarche make huge profits off the backs of workers in factories like these. Now they must take responsibility for their actions by ensuring justice for the workers and taking action to ensure this never happens again. For the families who have lost relatives and the workers injured in this disaster, nothing can undo what they have lost. But as they face the terrible consequences of this tragedy it is vital that they are paid full compensation from these companies, including their lost earnings. Our trade union, the National Garment Workers’ Federation, has fought for many years for workers in the garment industry to be able to work safely. The hundreds of deaths from such horrific accidents are heart breaking. This negligence must stop. The deaths of these workers could have been avoided if these companies took workers’ protection seriously Please take action now and call on Primark, Matalan,Mango and Bonmarche to sign the Bangladesh Fire and Building Safety Agreement to prevent the future deaths of garment workers. It is such a simple action which would save so many lives. These disasters must not be allowed to continue. Thank you.


Paul Marchant, Chief Executive, Primark Isak Andic,
Chief Executive, Mango Darren Blackhurst,
Chief Executive, Matalan Beth Butterwick,
Managing Director, Bonmarche GrouBiagio Chiarolanza and
Franco Furnò, Chief Executive Officers, Benetton Group

I call on you to pay compensation for full loss of earnings to the families who have lost relatives and to the workers injured in the Rana Plaza building collapse in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is also vital that you sign the Bangladesh Fire and Building Safety Agreement to prevent the future deaths of garment workers.

Sincerely, [Your name]



Environment & Sustainability of Life


Methodically eliminate, and replace, U.S. oil companies with alternate clean energy sources…. We have the technology to make it so…sun, wind, water, etc.It serves no purpose to bash oil companies since they will never change… Plus their inferior, environmentally hazardous product is simply outdated,…. superseded by clean technologies.Instead…

BASH HARD the lawmakers with full force of words & music… cause they can help the environment by squeezing big oil as tight as necessary to do the right thing…. & at the same time push harder with encouragement on clean energy development…again, IMO…

FOCUS should be on UNIVERSITY researchers looking for financial backing on clean energy solutions of sun, wind, water, etc… Perhaps such a network is needed…or exists… To foster U.S. energy independence at a faster pace….excuse my frustration but…. this floundering crap has been “discussed” ad nauseum for more than 40-years of my lifetime… If the nonsensical chatter does not soon stop…with fast universal action starting… on the practical mass balance side…my concern is that both the environment & existence/sustainability of mankind on this planet will be unrecoverable… a sorta racing the clock scenario,…with potentially … A much worse state of affairs than portrayed by any “MAD MAX” movie…. truly unfortunate for us all.

Remember that little “walk on the moon” project that consumed the planet’s attention back in the 60s???  Well, think of it as a dwarf next to the more urgent giant  “clean energy now” project required for sustainability of healthy life on this planet.  Now, that is a project worthy to command attention.  I’m not trying to be an alarmist,…..  just saying.. .this is a practical necessity & goal for the planet at large…at least it seems so in the thought processes of my nerd brain.

A few more thoughts on our energy vision….

Also, the clean energy network can tap into engineering societies such as AICHE (chemical) & ASME (mechanical) and other think tank pockets of knowledge.  Like universities…these societies publish much conference info in terms of technical progress on alternate clean energies…. Somehow a network needs to link these technical brains with the know-how with Venture Capitalists… Once the “clean” wave moves…it will be like a tidal wave… And not a damn thing oil companies can do about it… Cause the “bucks” will all be on clean energy…& dumping oil companies as investments….. How ironic….oil companies get dumped by the planet for a change…LOL…. Imagine that!…. sweet planet revenge perhaps….in my dreams anyway.

Slowly, but most assuredly, oil companies are history as we know them today.

If I were an oil company, I’d invest in clean energy….while I still had a couple of bucks….but we need to watch out for that so that oil companies don’t stifle clean energy…as I suspect has happened in some instances…cause they fully understand the tidal wave concept…and so the oil business is presently just an ugly parasite trying to survive… But of course they can choose to stay a worm,….. or to survive, perhaps they could become a butterfly….

Morphing into clean energy leaders… phasing out the oil side of the energy business themselves… I believe the oil industry is at that fork in the road “do or die” decision point these days. I’d certainly back their butterfly effect, if managed in the right way…Such that ultimately it’s a win-win for all… New development, technology, jobs, clean environment, multiple sustainable energy sources, new friends, less enemies, less war, creative environment, ideas abound, sharing is the norm, peace, love, healthier state of affairs….planet earth becomes a nicer place to live…. … hope is that I’m not just dreaming again!

Clearly, it is time to systematically, willfully eliminate and/or change U.S. oil companies…In some fashion, by replacing oil with alternate healthy clean energy sources… Such as solar for example… Here’s just one idea to get the ball rolling in that direction with this AWESOME INVENTION…. LOVE LOVE LOVE the concept of this device….

Save The World

Solar Energy Powered Window Socket by Kyuho Song & Boa Oh
Just attach the plug on to a window and it will harness solar energy. A small converter will convert it into electricity which can be freely used as a plug when you are in the car, on a plane or outside. The Window Socket offers a neat way to harness solar energy and use it as a plug socket. So far we have seen solutions that act as a solar battery backup, but none as a direct plug-in. Simple in design, the plug just attaches to any window and does its job intuitively. Credit: Kyuho Song and Boa Oh….


Someone once said: <strong>”IMAGINE there is no heaven…. “

No worries… At the rate & direction our global society is headed…I imagine there will soon be no decent earth surface remaining… to write about or sing with….
never mind inherit.

No logic really, cause this ain’t Star Trek…
No one can escape to another world to survive.

Finite resources for infinite applications in a growing population is a painful type of mass imbalance….

Article below speaks to the media phenomenon of lying by omission to lull us into complacency.

CRITICAL list of environmental issues…..
& Media lies by omission….

“….life is more important than the quest for wealth and materialism, and change….. personal behavior to support the things which support life, rather than supporting the things which extract, pollute, and rape this wonderful earth.” —excerpt, see article below…

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