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Methodically eliminate, and replace, U.S. oil companies with alternate clean energy sources…. We have the technology to make it so…sun, wind, water, etc.It serves no purpose to bash oil companies since they will never change… Plus their inferior, environmentally hazardous product is simply outdated,…. superseded by clean technologies.Instead…

BASH HARD the lawmakers with full force of words & music… cause they can help the environment by squeezing big oil as tight as necessary to do the right thing…. & at the same time push harder with encouragement on clean energy development…again, IMO…

FOCUS should be on UNIVERSITY researchers looking for financial backing on clean energy solutions of sun, wind, water, etc… Perhaps such a network is needed…or exists… To foster U.S. energy independence at a faster pace….excuse my frustration but…. this floundering crap has been “discussed” ad nauseum for more than 40-years of my lifetime… If the nonsensical chatter does not soon stop…with fast universal action starting… on the practical mass balance side…my concern is that both the environment & existence/sustainability of mankind on this planet will be unrecoverable… a sorta racing the clock scenario,…with potentially … A much worse state of affairs than portrayed by any “MAD MAX” movie…. truly unfortunate for us all.

Remember that little “walk on the moon” project that consumed the planet’s attention back in the 60s???  Well, think of it as a dwarf next to the more urgent giant  “clean energy now” project required for sustainability of healthy life on this planet.  Now, that is a project worthy to command attention.  I’m not trying to be an alarmist,…..  just saying.. .this is a practical necessity & goal for the planet at large…at least it seems so in the thought processes of my nerd brain.

A few more thoughts on our energy vision….

Also, the clean energy network can tap into engineering societies such as AICHE (chemical) & ASME (mechanical) and other think tank pockets of knowledge.  Like universities…these societies publish much conference info in terms of technical progress on alternate clean energies…. Somehow a network needs to link these technical brains with the know-how with Venture Capitalists… Once the “clean” wave moves…it will be like a tidal wave… And not a damn thing oil companies can do about it… Cause the “bucks” will all be on clean energy…& dumping oil companies as investments….. How ironic….oil companies get dumped by the planet for a change…LOL…. Imagine that!…. sweet planet revenge perhaps….in my dreams anyway.

Slowly, but most assuredly, oil companies are history as we know them today.

If I were an oil company, I’d invest in clean energy….while I still had a couple of bucks….but we need to watch out for that so that oil companies don’t stifle clean energy…as I suspect has happened in some instances…cause they fully understand the tidal wave concept…and so the oil business is presently just an ugly parasite trying to survive… But of course they can choose to stay a worm,….. or to survive, perhaps they could become a butterfly….

Morphing into clean energy leaders… phasing out the oil side of the energy business themselves… I believe the oil industry is at that fork in the road “do or die” decision point these days. I’d certainly back their butterfly effect, if managed in the right way…Such that ultimately it’s a win-win for all… New development, technology, jobs, clean environment, multiple sustainable energy sources, new friends, less enemies, less war, creative environment, ideas abound, sharing is the norm, peace, love, healthier state of affairs….planet earth becomes a nicer place to live…. … hope is that I’m not just dreaming again!

Clearly, it is time to systematically, willfully eliminate and/or change U.S. oil companies…In some fashion, by replacing oil with alternate healthy clean energy sources… Such as solar for example… Here’s just one idea to get the ball rolling in that direction with this AWESOME INVENTION…. LOVE LOVE LOVE the concept of this device….

Save The World

Solar Energy Powered Window Socket by Kyuho Song & Boa Oh
Just attach the plug on to a window and it will harness solar energy. A small converter will convert it into electricity which can be freely used as a plug when you are in the car, on a plane or outside. The Window Socket offers a neat way to harness solar energy and use it as a plug socket. So far we have seen solutions that act as a solar battery backup, but none as a direct plug-in. Simple in design, the plug just attaches to any window and does its job intuitively. Credit: Kyuho Song and Boa Oh….


Someone once said: <strong>”IMAGINE there is no heaven…. “

No worries… At the rate & direction our global society is headed…I imagine there will soon be no decent earth surface remaining… to write about or sing with….
never mind inherit.

No logic really, cause this ain’t Star Trek…
No one can escape to another world to survive.

Finite resources for infinite applications in a growing population is a painful type of mass imbalance….

Article below speaks to the media phenomenon of lying by omission to lull us into complacency.

CRITICAL list of environmental issues…..
& Media lies by omission….

“….life is more important than the quest for wealth and materialism, and change….. personal behavior to support the things which support life, rather than supporting the things which extract, pollute, and rape this wonderful earth.” —excerpt, see article below…

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