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::::Encounters with a Confused Twilight Zone Woman :::::
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:::::::::non-fiction BLOG Installment 1/1:::::::::::::::

Storyteller’s Personal Non-Fiction Saga

While most everyone’s feeling festive patriotism this July-4th independence day holiday weekend, my mind still reverbs a tad with whispers of mistreatments received /felt from a woman that resurfaced in my high school FB group… She was a close friend more than 40-years ago during grade school & high school years 1967-1972..

Thus, as typical social issue blogger…. I blogged… words & quotes to help sort myself out when feelings on issues run deep. My blog is akin to a diary where journaling often puts my thoughts of various violated principles & hard feelings on paper… away from my heart & outta my mind…. therapeutic at times in an analytical sense…. to calm high winds of storms, hot air bags, and self back to a gentle breeze. As one might imagine, those winds can be tough to tame. As after a storm, my blog serves as analytical checker aka Monday morn quarterback… taking survey of damages where I’ve picked up pieces, installed storm shutters, made repairs, & hope the weather remains sunny.

Note—As I recall, this exchange was the first “storm” warning from a 60-yo former classmate I refer to in blog as Twilight Zone Woman (TWZ). My blog reads like a trashy novelette on the subject because most of TWZ’s remarks are trash in bashing me for no reason. My own trash talk responses are included in blog. Ordinarily this stuff would not be blogged. However, this bizarre woman deliberately attacked me in repeatedly harping against and /or deleting pix of my family (cousins & father) and hometown history (D-Day remembrance, Bedford landmarks 1754-1954). Meanness & disrespect toward me is one matter, but quite another when expressed toward my family, hometown noble history & military service. I am so sorry she appears to despise me for some unknown reason. Back when we were school friends, she was a huge music lover so a shared a couple of songs from back then to her FB page…she said she did not care for my “spammy sound cloud” shares as does no one else. So, I stopped sharing music directly to her & others pages. Either she’s not a music lover nowadays, or she’s ticked that I found sound cloud before she did 🙂 Doubt that’s the real reason she’s so mad at me…. for whatever she’s mad about…. But whatever it is she needs to realize her public disrespect & intolerance of others needs a checkup…and she may be a professional writer/editor but her job responsibility does NOT include censoring me….especially when she’s bashed unrelentingly expecting me to be silent in the wake of her false statements and deletion happy rude behavior. NOT gonna hush, but rather journaled it and chalked it up to an unsolved mystery.

Yeah, it was unsettling, unfortunate, upsetting experience… but it’s concluded now… blog is just where I licked my wounds…. Blog saga is in unfinished format/flow of construction phase… not much incentive to polish it, this it may remain haphazard. Pease tell me if by chance you see a name instead of TBZ aka nickname Twilight Zone Woman as I prefer to keep the name anonymous. If family wants to know, that’s fine in private, but the name is not important w/rt these blogged examples, & the individual no longer lives in the Bedford area.


Sue Hite
“In remembrance of Mom’s (Martha Smith) cousin Frank Draper* who perished in the Normandy invasion, & all Bedford Boys lost there.

*His namesake nephew Frank Draper is a FB family friend.

Timeline Photos
“The eyes of the world are upon you. The hopes and prayers of liberty-loving peo…
See More
By: The National D-Day Memorial”

Susan, we are trying to keep this page focused only on our class. This would go better on the Bedford page. Thanks!
June 4 at 11:27am

Sue Hite
Yes TZW, I know we are avoiding political topics, etc in this group…. I fully considered that before posting this memorial info. However, I felt this topic is of a personal remembrance nature shared by many classmates & their families… So worthy of sharing to this group, the Bedford group, & the nation. I’m perhaps not the best judge of this post’s content….since my father spoke to me of his/these war atrocities experiences….stories so horrid, that as a WWII vet living only 1-mile from the D-Day memorial, he refused to ever set foot on that property. I completely understand his reasons……. Thus, I will rely on the group admin to decide whether to delete or keep this post. My remembrance will not be impacted either way. Given the risks taken & sacrifices made by our family members in service (or not) during WWII, the very least I could do is ‘risk’ sharing their story to my LHS friends. Truly sorry if this share offended you or anyone else. Not my intention at all.
June 4 at 11:47am ·

It didn’t offend me, Susan, but it is repetitive. You have posted very similar things over and over. I know you are proud of your father, but most of our class didn’t know him.
June 4 at 11:50am

Honestly, it seems very out of line to compare the sacrifice of a WWII Veteran (my own father as well) to posting on a Facebook page. There is a time and a place for everything.
June 4 at 12:24pm

Sue Hite
Ok, glad to hear it’s not offensive.

Also, this posting is not as narrow as you are thinking….

it’s not about one individual person (Frank Draper) who died that day…

It is about love, liberty, courage, honor, integrity & sacrifice by all our relatives & friends as native to Bedford….

It’s also about my passionate compassion for sacrifices made by our military relatives.

It’s not about my father… He is not mentioned.

Dad was one tiny speck of a serviceman, among many many others, that happened to witness /partake in much war events at age 18-20….

& after >50 years of silence, he was finally able to talk about it to his family…..

I’m just feeling compassion for those families that lost their servicemen….

Cause the survivors surely understood the sacrifices by service men & their families…. It’s a deep subject… Perhaps not fully understood by folks without relatives in service to our country.

I didn’t really understand it much growing up. Most of my youth, I thought I did not know anyone in a military family. I was well into adulthood before I heard anything of my father’s or uncle’s active duty stories re army invasions, submarine targets/torpedoes, etc…

Growing up I thought our town was like all towns with a zillion war memorials. Unfortunately, I now realize that Bedford has been huge in every war we’ve ever had in our nation. Other towns don’t have so many memorials as Bedford.

Call me a sentimental sap, or whatever you like, but our Bedford family ancestors were brave, honorable decent men with integrity that knew 100% they’d give the ultimate sacrifice to protect Bedford, or their nation… and I’m proud as crap of all of them. Just was a late bloomer in understanding it all.

I know stories from dad that I’ve not blogged due to the minimal content that “gets” to me…perhaps his memories shared might be worth my writing down in that blog. I dunno, maybe not…..

There are already many such stories written by Mr.Red Harding (1943-45 army buddy of my uncle in the Pacific)… on my FB page album “Mr Smith goes to war.” Hope my attempt at an explanation as to relevance to our class makes sense. Gee, maybe I’m the only one that feels this way….wow, that thought never occurred to me.
June 4 at 12:29pm ·

Susan, not everyone has the time to read every long post. I certainly don’t. As I said, there is a time and a place for everything. I am thinking about unsubbing from this page because I just don’t have time for it.
June 4 at 12:45pm ·

Sue Hite
Honestly TZW, I understand you. I truly do, my friend. That’s why I said early on that I feel I’m too close to this subject & take no offense whatsoever if the admin chooses to delete it.
June 4 at 12:56pm

Okay, Susan. No worries.
June 4 at 1:17pm


This empathy poster struck a chord because I recently bumped into a high school friend I’d not seen in over 40-yrs,… and was shocked by a few things she said.

Either she’s changed or my memory’s wrong.   Prefer to think my judgement in friend selection was not that off back then,….. but then teenagers often do  zany things for no apparent reason.  My other friends from that era seem fine, so I think she’s changed upon entering her mysterious senior twilight zone where she no longer knows the meaning of the word empathy.

Case in point, I shared a national monument poster from the monument FB page on D-Day to commemorate a cousin my family lost at Normandy in remembrance of him & anyone in that hometown FB group that may have lost a family member too. This woman said to me in comment that no one in the group knows or cares about my father, and my post was inappropriate and should be deleted. Duh…there was no mention of my father in that share.  He was in the Pacific on the opposite side of the world from France.

I had to defend why I/other people honor veterans & service men that gave their lives in war.  I felt embarrassed & ashamed for my friend. I thought I’d made peace with learning she’s developed into such an ignorant insensitive monster after trying in vain to help her see a variety of perspectives.

The experience sticks in my craw.  Unfortunately, in my observation,  it seems she’s not healthy for me to even chat with on FB…. as  in my experience, I say left & she says right, I say black & she says white.   At age 60 it’s unlikely she will change.

I feel sad for her and hope she turns herself around.  As for me, I must clear my craw. To do so, typing paragraphs like this, then assembling them in a blog spot to potentially help others identify examples of toxic behavior should clear that craw….. Especially since some good may have come of my reconnecting with such a miserable toxic person.

I too am in senior citizen territory now, and with screwy post-op issues from 2009 life-saving major 12-hour surgery…. the last thing I need or want these days is to be caught up in some twilight zone nonsensical mystery.  I choose the door of life to continue to be a part of a solution & not any part of a problem.

During that lengthy skull surgery, I experienced some wild dreams.  I did not hover out of body, as far as I know.  I did hear the surgical team conversing of issues that arose during surgery.  However, I did have a dream of being in a pleasant place of labelled doors….  where two were clearly marked “life” & “after-life” …there were approx. 5-6 doors total…. where 1-2 were labeled in a foreign language or English that did not make sense, and with 1-2 unmarked plain doors.  lingered trying to make sense of it and all I recall was thinking those unintelligible labels must be for service /maintenance access doors….  and the plain unmarked doors for staff egress.

It was a relaxed, pleasant place where I heard the surgical team amid urgent remarks regarding tubes/wires/data as might be heard from operators in a distributed control room of an automated facility as background noise.  The voices of the team surgeons were clear as they moved from one phase to another of the procedure…. Open, Resect Tumor with hearing nerve, MicroSurgery to reconnect facial nerve, Obtain abdomen tissue for closure with titanium, & Close.  Entire event involved 12-hr actual vs. 6-hr average duration of surgery, and 9-day actual vs. 5-day  average hospital stay.  After regaining consciousness during transport to ICU, a surgeon & anesthetist came to visit & asked of I recalled anything from the procedure.  I described my dreams and they said those things never happened. I’m uncertain my dream was nothing more than a dream not a gateway.

If I did make a gateway choice to return from that place to our collective life consciousness, then I feel my choice in life  (&my  wish-grantor’s)  is to be a positive influence as a person of faith.   For what purpose, I don’t know. Most do not know.   With the amount of hate venom recently spewed by my friend directly on target at me for saying any word on any subject, such as: D-Day, high school reunions,  family, “spammy sound cloud music on FB”, classmate skips a 1977 reunion, community history pix 1754-1954, etc etc.  I certainly have enough examples to publish book on toxic behaviors to avoid.

This woman used to be like a sister to me.  I’d be lying if I said I did not feel some loss in sad/hurt feelings in regard to recent excruciating painful conversations.  I cannot endure any further tripwire venom she exudes. All I can guess is that she’s had a bug up her city slicker butt, simmering over something unknown for 40-years or more.  And it’s now morphed over time into an ugly sucker. . . .  akin to that sci-fi mother alien.

That sucker used to be full of peace, love & empathy in our hippie chick teenager days 1967-1972.  You can imagine my shock & dismay to feel the force of that alien mother breathing in my direction. Much like the film’s  Sigourney Weaver character, my path has been full of freaking alien experiences and my weapon is a flame thrower blog. That Sigourney character was a fighter/ survivor….  much like my own ChiWahWah Brave character, where my alien encounters never seem to end…. Yet her demons are going to be publicly exposed & expunged off-ship…. slowly, systematically & with finality….  by my blog into that vast void of outer space…. off world storage space of toxic twilight zones. It’s the only way to heal my torn heart heart wounds. I am sorry she was so mean to me without a shred of justification or explanation. I tried to establish a path forward in civility for her to “save face” but she did not want any help from me. She is not the same person I knew in grade school or high school. My former classmate is gone forever and I will remember her & our friendship fondly. This woman from which I sustained repeated & unfounded hateful words & actions is a total stranger to me. That strange woman demonstrated a complete lack of respect & empathy for a fellow classmate, as well as certain disturbing personal issues.


ChiWahWah Brave ( my childhood “native-superwoman-Ms-fixit” label from games of “cowboys & indians” ) is not happy to have had this experience, and is intolerant of liars, bullies, & hatemongers.  A recount of a few events might be worthwhile since I had the distinct impression that she hated and/or disrespected free speech of open thinkers.  Clearly  she shows zero evidence of science, engineering or logical proofs of experimental hypotheses.  The story of ChiWahWah Brave (accompanied by Wabun) in the Twilight Zone is anticipated to be a page turner…. Especially since nothing gives this singing brave more incentive to exercise her right of free speech  in full disclosure & analytical commentary than a confused, intolerant sack of malcontent acting as a trip wire in vicious fault finding/ objecting to /deleting / criticizing/ name calling every single comment or share by me to my group of friends.

This is to give notice to any person that might recall the awkwardness  & discomfort of her repeated untruthful & offensive attacks upon me and my family members with her ludicrous acid tongue & ugly toxic attitude.

“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”

Translation: I am scorned by daily personal health circumstances beyond my control. Also, I am appalled by my friend’s lack of empathy, respect, & tolerance in her vicious public attacks on me with simple-minded untruths.  If you thought her remarks in that group public comment forum & my replies were uncomfortable, and. . .

“you cannot handle the truth,

then, you might not feel very comfortable reading this “wounded” person’s blunt blog story. The account is already written in  installments in my offline notepad.  Installments will be finalized, uploaded, & published as time permits. It will be a public display of my dissection to showcase  her poor attitude & untrue accusations in order to expose her flagrant disrespect of others, zero empathy,  & inability to “play nice” with “wounded” friends.

I do not know the purpose of her game of toxic venom tripwires.  However, I do know how to dissect a fetal animal and clear my name & my family members of her obvious verbal attacks & bald-faced lies. The basis of her deletion happy fat-mouthing hides among some unknown pettiness of her high school jealousies rooted in her teenage insecurities & low self esteem lingering in malcontent these past 40-years.  My blog essays might just help her transform her misery from dark to light.  If not, then no harm, no foul.

To be clear, my purpose is a dissection in exercising free
speech to:

1. Clear my name (as well as her disrespect/dishonor of my 3-deceased family members formerly in the halls with this group by deleting their photos without advance notice to me  of any kind beforehand ) in disproving untrue public comments put forth in her untrue accusations &  FB actions which were unkind, rude, & unfounded.   No one tells lies, then tells me to hush….NOT gonna happen. The poor communication skills exhibited by this person are unprofessional, discourteous, & typical tiny-town backwardness.

2. Help transform her/others thought(s) from toxic dark to light.

This woman once said CWW-Brave  was “demonizing her” in comment.  An interesting statement,  since her unsympathetic self did a fine job without any assistance from me.   CWW-Brave is not made of Teflon, but of ordinary heart & soul…. hopefully of Wabun influences.  I hope the eventual blog saga of ChiWahWah Brave &  Wabun encounters with this confused Twilight Zone woman might serve a positive useful purpose at some point.

Coming soon to my blog at link below…


Note: 1.
Previously shared LHS photos & Bedford area history are unwanted as expressed by a toxic group member’s complaints…. thus I deleted all uncommented Bedford 1774-1954 history shares I had posted to the group.

Note: 2.
The same individual expressed complaints & deleted photos of at least 3-deceased family members that were LHS-ers.  Thus, my unwanted 6-FB albums of school grades 4, 5,  8-12 are no longer available to the LHS group since the “public” privacy of each album is only available to my ” friends”

Wabun defined:

:::::::::non-fiction BLOG Installment 2/2:::::::::::::::

~~~~~~~~~NOTES FOR MY FAMILY~~~~~~~~~~~
>>GROUP = LHS Class’72 @Bedford, VA USA

>>Twilight Zone Woman (TZW) is deliberately unnamed here.

>>Remembrance photos shared were of our dear cousins: Ray Smith (deceased), Wayne Smith (deceased), Wendell Johnson (lovely daughter deceased) from my 8th grade 1967-68 yearbook. It was unclear exactly who deleted these pics since communication in that regard was nonexistent until after the fact. After several hours, those cousin pix missing from the group mysteriously appeared on my personal FB timeline. I thanked TZW /other for saving these deleted photos with my text r.i.p. remembrance notes.

>>STATUS: I no longer go to that group and TZW is no longer my FB friend. However, I do have LHS FB friends that are just as surprised as I w/rt recent group dialogs. Everything described herein occurred & concluded in June. On the bright side, I reconnected with many high school & college friends by finding this group. So, that has been very nice…and, continues to be the nicest part of all.

Essentially I’m not perfect either, but I tried to ignore TZW’s name calling and meanness. I think she thought I was/am stupid since she kept calling me FB unsavvy, and other unflattering names. She probably didn’t realize I was refusing to stoop to her level. Well, my “forgiveness” of her stupid bully crapola is /was there but may not read that way in my blog aftermath venting & stooping.

Back in June I tried to explain her misunderstandings of FB, she proceeded to say I’m not to presume I know her …thus, I say likewise and give a nerdy infomercial thinking some suggestions might help the group to function better with shares/comments since there was no stream flow other than what I and a couple of others shared. So, I found myself in a weirded out dysfunctional sounding group with 53 admin out of about 90 members. A true twilight zone experience complete with this particular woman policing the group with never ending tripwires triggered for only me.

Naturally, it was a huge pile of words exchanged during last month which is over with now. I share it in blog to refute major offenses & cleanse myself of residuals in my personal healing process. So, pardon my fracking words at times or sloppiness in format/writing cause this is only my personal raw thoughts floating out n about…as in any diary or journaling activity.

Major offenses to be highlighted are:
>> Deletion of 3 cousins pix (mentioned above)
>> Strange claims by TZW re Bedford group
>> TZW request to delete a D-Day remembrance

>> TZW deleted 5-6 harmless comments re my spouse skipping an hour or so of a reunion with a classmate to run an errand to a store.

>> I shared 20-25 Bedford history pix (40 by TZW count) which she detested, did not want yet could not ignore in stream… So I deleted all 1774-1954 history pix except 2-3 with comments & likes by others. History dumped to jump start class dialog, but if fan the wrath of that mother alien and lead to one final attempt to bluntly say that if she & I cannot get the comment focus off of despicable me and “play nice”…then outta respect for the group, one or both of us had to leave…which did she prefer….she gave no answer, so logically it meant she’d continue to attack me whenever re whatever…. which given her history throughout the month of June was an exhausting, unpleasant experience to which I’d given enough time, attention & effort without any signs of abatement or resolution. Hence, my Teflon ChiWahWah Brave imaginary heart of forgiveness morphed back into the reality of my old human heart.

At the outset it was so unsettling that I spoke with both my sister & mother to see if they might remember anything to she’d light on the situation… Like an obvious elephant on a side table somewhere…. But they had no such memories. Mother offered cautionary type advice, which I thought was a bit extreme w/rt My friend. Yet, in the end Mom was exactly right in her assessment. I just wasn’t willing to walk away from a friend at that point in time,…. A 40+ year old expired friendship from which in the end I’m walking away. I may not have time to post all the examples mentioned above, which is fine.

:::::::::non-fiction BLOG Installment 3/3:::::::::::::::
“It does not require many words to speak the truth.”
–Chief Joseph, NEZ PERCE


The truth shall set you free. This is the truth. When we speak the Truth, we do not need to be defensive. Truth needs no defense. When we speak the Truth, we do not need to attack because Truth cannot be attacked. It is so easy to want to manipulate or to be deceitful or dishonest. My head tells me I can get away with doing these things, after all everybody does it.
My Creator, today let me know Truth. Let me live Truth. Let me risk the Truth. Let me make the Truth sweet. Help me to make my word good. Let Your spirit and intent be added to by words. Let My thoughts be Truth.
—By: Don Coyhis