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This weekend I resurrected my FaceBook page to share my love of art, crafts, music…also shared ‘my brain tumor story’ at the urging of a few SoundCloud artist friends, and their music… I mention some of you by first name in my story…(not an all inclusive list I am sure)…in an attempt to say I am sorry to have been somewhat silent for awhile… Just wanted you to know it is not because of anything you said or did… It is/was all me.   I then realized you may not be on FB… Hence this note.
Thank you for your love and support.   I invite you to my FB page to poke around, and to my SoundCloud profile as well… I cannot say enough good things about the warmth of the SoundCloud community…lots of great music & fun ahead!
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Note:  The videos below are not for sissies.. Even though it is just a couple of guys talking…at one point one gives you the opportunity to look away or stop the video before he shows his staples & stitches… Nothing gory in any of these clips (other videos on YouTube cover that)
Hey…. I was chatting with a clouder and somehow my AN tumor subject came up…the best way to describe it is thru  highlighting a few YouTube videos… I’ve gotta lot of explainin to do….here goes…
•My bio in a nutshell…
As for me…my nature is creative, friendly &active with interests spanning ….ChE&Biochem …Pham&VaccineR&D…scuba-rescue diver…art (drawing,painting,needlework)…music…photography…..language&culture….gardening&landscape design, interior decorating, cooking………..”work hard – play hard” …….that’s me…Until 2009.
In Oct 2009,  I thought I needed a hearing aid since I noticed difficulty hearing voices on the phone.  Also noticed a tendency to ‘trip over my own feet’ more than usual…Ah, that prompted me to see a doctor.   My thoughts were…  balance = inner ear, hearing loss  = hearing aid …in my future.
Doctor discovered a large benign tumor (Acoustic Neuroma) between my ear & brain that was pressing, bending my brain stem…required immediate life saving skull surgery… Very scary.  Tumor took hearing & balance nerve in right ear…and post-op  neurological issues persist. I went from a fast paced life to very slow homebound pace….  Radical change.  Daily coping required with balance & neurological issues.  Luckily, my left ear was unaffected by tumor/surgery. Am house bound.  Have not been able to connect with some dear friends due to other demands…[ please forgive me for that…you are always nearby.. in my heart… you know who you are 🙂  …my dear Deb, Shigeko, MaryJo,Connie, Lois, Shannyn,Chip, Suzanne, Robin, Kathy,Ev,Chap,Terry, Jeanne,Louise&others..even Kenny  ]   To my delight, I  discovered SoundCloud in Dec-2012 which brings music to my ear… and thus pointed my attention to my FaceBook page… to make it a welcome mat for SoundCloud….check out my cloud profile at  


Also…. https://soundcloud.com/sks-8

Here is a video of a brave, well spoken soul…
His experience was similar to mine (2.5cm large tumor, 12hr op, 9 days in hospital)… he keeps saying thru out he had no idea… I do…and he is describing it very well…. I have the head tightness stll, unsteady walk, numb foot (his is leg). My facial nerve was damaged like his …But my surgeon reattached mine…his did not…so he has the droopy face & eye blink problem…I had the double vision but that has cleared… When he talks about other options… There are none… My surgeon said that without the surgery …eventually…you would not be able to breathe.
There is another guy ,Rufus, who does daily videos… Also brave.
Check out this video on YouTube:
2.5 cm Acoustic Neuroma – Postop 10 days
Another good video…
He had sigmoid surgery… I had labyrinth surgery which does take the hearing nerve , I had only ~20% hearing in right ear prior to the op… 0% post op in right ear. My situation was like his in that I went to doc twice with that pressure feeling and was told it was just from a cold…returned in summer with same …MRI revealed tumor.
•sksskh          Proggress report… Love this guy’s honesty…
I had the same neck pain as he describes
Sorry about his facial nerve & eye
I have none of that but do have trouble with taste not being normal…and difficulty with the neck is intermittent…sounds like his was crushing the brain stem like mine….
No doubt we would not be alive today without the surgery…despite daily struggles…needless to say…this surgery was well worth it.
Check out this video on YouTube:
2.5 cm Acoustic Neuroma – Postop 87 days
“Sorry I have not provided updates since my first video until now. It has really been difficult learning to deal with the facial paralysis and deafness. I was hoping for more improvement before I made a new video, but at least I feel better than when I did the first one. Hopefully in about two more months, I can do another video and will be able to show some movement in my face. I cannot tell you how tired I am of having to use only one eye. Without any depth perception, I have had a tough time adapting. Anyway, step by step, day by day, I look forward to a good recovery”
Best report yet… The guy is great… Can kiss his  wife again… His wife is an angel…. His boss is an angel…
I have the pain thing he mentions and have tried simiar drugs from my doc… It is as he described….trial & error process …He even does a cute little jig near the end…sounds really happy….cool to watch…so matter of fact….LOVE THIS VIDEO!!!!
Check out this video on YouTube:
2.5 cm Acoustic Neuroma – Postop 16 months
•BTW… My surgery was almost immediate so I did not have time to research it…my surgeon told me not to look at web video stuff cause it would be frightening… I took his advice and did not see any videos until afterwards…a very kind surgeon, well both were so kind & brilliant..was so lucky to have them both… If you ever know someone that has this… I highly recommend my surgical team… World famous Dr Fukushima (neurosurgeon “artist” that did tumor removal & delicate microsurgery to reconnect my facial nerve) & Dr Cal Cunningham(ENT surgeon that opened & closed)
Thanks for listening…