Music Memories…. Thought back of music heard over 40-50 years in an attempt to make a review of fave influences in many genres. A Sound Cloud friend suggested the review project that would result in a SC track. I made a list of live shows & vacations to help recollect. Interesting…. but have to report an unfinished “project” to date (FEB2014)… In hindsight, perhaps an impossible music review project.

Raised on 1950s-60s music enjoyed by my parents: bluegrass & country, Hee Haw TV show, Lawrence Welk TV show, gospel songs…. Plus my Saturday cartoons of classical & jazz, Soul Train TV show, & FM radio pop, rock & Motown songs, & Broadway shows.

[[[ Ongoing Project Notes ]]]

Music Playlists in SoundCloud Profile:

Impossible to be  real time…
Never all  inclusive.

Also many sets.
& on cloud at

•—LIVE MUSIC performances I’ve seen,….not inclusive list as yet.
Gathering memories for SoundCloud project covering music influences & perceptions of my many fave genres….music & art is ever present in my day, since i was born…most significant being the many emotive cartoons adsorbed as a child in the ‘language’ of classical music….piano & strings…  So,  in attempting to make a simple list,…. I’m finding there is more live music than I realized to list…and that’s not counting church choir or small venues w/local performers…. seems like music  & art were a  basis for many destination choices as well…  This music time line of years & artists are subject to change, as project memory progresses.
😀 MUSIC CURIOUSITY!? !! ?? !!!…if you missed the 1969 Woodstock festival, as I did …then check out the 2 videos of this Woodstock-like weekend jam festival held at Charlotte NC speedway in 1974….see link below..
…smashing guitars, piano en flight via helicopter lift, fence trampled… All seemed perfectly  ‘normal’ at the time…and, no, I did not have help from any friends’ as Beatles did in describing Lucy….  Disturbing though that I was horrified at the piano slipping when lifted, but did not notice what happened to the piano player.  🙂
oh, they smashed guitars too…. But that didn’t bother me as much as destroying a piano.  I guess I thought a guitar is easier  and/ or cheaper to replace.  🙂
1973.VA—Chicago (UVA Charlottesville VA)
1974.NC—Charlotte Speedway JamFest Weekend
…Allman Brothers, …Emerson Lake & Palmer, …Black Oak Arkansas,
…Marshall Tucker Band,…Foghatt, Ozark Mtn Daredevils….others,
… Eagles (cancelled)
….Video & Pics in Blog at bottom, scroll down :
1975.VA—James Taylor (VA Tech, Blacksburg VA)
1975-present.VA—Take5 & Coffee at Midnight CDs by NSA,
… No Stings Attached Band link:
…Wes & Deb Chappell,  my neighbors in Blacksburg VA…kindly taught me to play a few hammer dulcimer tunes, while Deb &I were potluck dinner buddies:)…many great family meals shared, vegetarian, sugarless, etc.
…Wes Chappell on FB & SC
1986.NY—John Hiatt (Beacon Theatre, NYC)
1989.NY—Blue Man Group (NYC)
1989.NY—Eric Clapton (Madison Square Garden, most memorable was his speaking & singing about his 4-yo son, lost to fall from NYC skyscraper)
1990.NJ—Chrissie Hynde & Pretenders (Stone Pony, NJ)
1990.NJ—John Eddie (many venues rock@shore &acoustic @Jersey City)
1990.PA—Bela Fleck & Flecktones  (venue in Philly PA )
1991.PA—Alan Jackson (Allentown PA, Faith Hill opened)
1991.PA—Faith Hill (Allentown PA, opened for Alan Jackson)
1996.VA—Saffire • Uppity Blues Women (Georgetown, VA)
1997.VA—Jimmy Buffett (northern VA, twice)
1998.VA—Hootie & The Blowfish (northern VA)
1999.VA—Aaron Neville (northern VA)
1999.VA—CJ Chenneire & Red Hot Chili Pepper’s Zydeco band
              ( Charlottesville VA)
Note: Theatre & Art timelines are  related, but separate lists to help jog project memory….
•—[[[[[ Theatre ]]]]]
1972.Paris—Opera House, …opera name?
1979 Los Angeles, CA—Disney Land Theme/Music Park
1985.NJ—Bob Hope @ Meadowlands (cannot recall opening act band)
1985.NY—The Sunshine Boys with Jack Klugman & Tony Randall
1988.NY—Musical: took parents to see SHOWBOAT

1991.London —Cats
1991.NY— Phantom of the Opera (fave)
1992.NY—Miss Saigon
2003 Orlando, FL—Disney World Theme/Music Park
2004 Williamsburg VA—Busch Gardens Theme/Music Park
2004 north of Richmond VA—Kings Dominion Theme /Music Park
2005 south of Charlotte NC—Carrowinds Theme /Music Park
•—[[[[[ Art /Travel •Diving   ]]]]]
1972 to present—NYC,  Paris, London, Venice, Philadelphia PA,  Boston MA,  Baltimore, MD, Washington DC,  Richmond VA,  Williamsburg VA:    Nearly all major galleries & museums
1972.Paris— Louvre; & Loire Valley chateaux, Mont St.Michel, &   Normandy  ( 10-day high school trip)
1975-77  Two VaTech art courses as electives, beginning level portrait & landscape …prof recommended jump to more advanced  Life Drawing course.  I did fine,  but was inexperienced with some media.
1979 VA to CA Month long cross-country drive by car w/my husband Bob & colleague Dr. Noriyuki Morohoshi (following Japanese tour guide book of US): Opryland TN, New Orleans LA, Houston Space Center, Housten Japanese Garden Restaurant (my 1st sushi ever, geisha-fan dance performance, great atmosphere… DrNM felt he was almost back home in Tokyo or Kyoto ), Galveston, MesaVerde CO, Carlsbad Caverns, Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Bryce & Zion Parks, Vegas, LA, Disneyland, Yosemite, Redwood Forrest, San Francisco, Golden Gate Bridge, Crater Lake Oregon, Old Faithful & Yellowstone, Pikes Peak @ Colorado Mtns, Kansas, St Louis, West VA, returning home to Blacksburg VA.
1982 Gatlinburg TN.  1st professional conf. attended w/ Dr. Dave Wallis
1985 Boston MA— MIT Fermentation Short Course with Merck colleagues, Aquarium, Faneuil Hall
1986 Bermuda
1987 New England by car: Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, Bar Harbor Maine
1988 Nags Head NC with hubby Bob & immediate family, took wind surfing & sailing lessons
1990 New Paltz NY@Mohonk Mtn House Resort: Japanese  watercolor painting course
1991 New Paltz NY with Merck Ski Club, my first ski lesson 🙂 & tow rope  😦
1991 Paris.Clermont-Ferront. London. Hoddeston. Newcastle. Brussels. Haarlam.Milan.Pavia.Venice, Iland of Murano  (10-day business trip for Merck with weekend in London & weekend in Venice)
1991 Chicago, IL —Institute of Art & Notre Dame football game
          (AIChE conference with Merck colleagues )
1991 Salt Lake City Utah—Park City with Merck Ski Club
1992 Myrtle Beach SC with cousins Connie & Kathy & families
1993 Pocono Mtns PA skiing with friends
1995 Job change & Relocation w/ Merck  to VA
1995-2004 Massenutten Mtn VA season passes
1996 Belize Blackbird Caye & Altun Ha (with Texas dive group)
Note:  Dive trips with various dive shops…
*w/Kathy’s Scuba group (now Scuba Buddy’s) of Harrisonburg VA
**w/Chip’s Dive Connections of Charlottesville VA
1997* Freeport Bahamas
1997* Singer Island, Florida
1997  Belize Ambergis Caye & Xanatunich
1998 *Dutch Antilles Bonaire via Curaçao with overnight connection thru Caracas Venezuela
1998** Port Lucaya, Bahamas
1998* Roatan Honduras @ Fantasy Island
1999** Little Cayman Resort
1999 Baltimore MD aquarium, Chesapeake Bay Bridge tunnel, & Nags Head NC, Wright Brother’s First-n-Flight Memorial, watched friend hang gliding on sand dunes
1999* St Lucia @ Anse Chastenet
2000*Australia: Cairns, Port Douglas, Karuduna, Townsville, Bondi Beach, Blue Mtns, Sydney, Tasmania (Hobart, Port Arthur, Queenstown, Launceston), Aquariums @Townsville & Sydney
2001* Belize Nekton Pilot 2nd honeymoon
2002 Miami, FL with drive thru Keyes to Key West
2004 job change & relocation
2005 Nags Head NC +sailing around coast with hubby &crew of one ( me)
2006 Naussau Bahamas
2006 San Francisco CA —AICHE conference with Wyeth colleagues …chatted at length with former longtime boss, famous engineer, & legendary mixing expert Dr. Ed Paul of NJ….confessed I did not own his new mixing book… Purchased that book at the conference.
2007 **Belize Turneffe Island Lodge
2007 Pearl River NY—Wyeth R&D Diversity Team Business, attended as Sanford NC Vaccine R&D rep
2008 Andover MA—Wyeth TOPS Community of Practice Mfg Team, attended as Sanford NC Vaccine R&D rep
2008 ** Port Lucaya, Bahamas
2009 ** St Vincent Young Island Resort
2009 San Diego CA Biotech Disposable Technology Conference with Wyeth colleagues ..toured Genentech facility & an artist’s studio & gallery (name =?), attended very nice Nappa Valley wine tasting on the street near the Golden Gate Bridge on the north side of the water.
Project memory still under construction 🙂
….There are only a few other musicians & shows to add.
I expect this will be the shortest segment on music perspectives since its the unpredictable, unknown realm. I feel that no matter what comes down the pike, there will be faves in my future.
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